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Many entrepreneurs start their business to be free of constraints, true to themselves and to make a difference in the world, but once on their own, they struggle with clarity of their purpose, confidence to sell themselves and lack of support in growing their business. This leads to self-doubt, struggle and frustration and they end up slowed down in achieving their vision, even thinking of giving it all up.

You don’t have to struggle, you don’t have to do it alone.

Join Irina Benedict and the community of purposeful achievers at the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy. You will get support, learn practical business strategies and experience spiritual enrichment. You too can THRIVE in Business while following Your Purpose.


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Voice America Radio Show

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The Entrepreneur Enlightenment show provides empowerment, business strategies and spiritual guidance to people who are searching for their path in life and business. This is the place where business and spirituality meet.

Each show focuses on an area of business and how you can apply spirituality to feel more confident, more empowered, more at ease. If you have been searching for purpose, for freedom, for fulfillment, call in to get your questions answered. Entrepreneur Enlightenment is broadcast live every Wednesday at 11 AM Eastern on VoiceAmerica Variety.

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What is Enlightenment? The definitions I found in the dictionary are: Enlightenment is the final destination of one’s spiritual evolution. Enlightenment is the state of understanding something. I agree with the second definition and this quote from Kim Chestney said it best “Enlightenment is ...
Happy New Year to you! Do you have big dreams this year?Yes? Then this video is for you. I shot it on January 1st one hour after we welcomed in the New Year. We were at The Briars a historic Resort here in Ontario Canada and the atmosphere was absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I wanted you to feel...
This September 2016 I’ve celebrated 5 years since I closed my Nuclear Engineering Manager office’s door behind me and walked out into the unknown to become an Entrepreneur full time. I was in cloud 9 as I dreamed of having a business since the year before graduating university, 20 years or so before...

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