About Irina

How did you get to found Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you my initial epiphany and the events after that brought me to where I am today; teaching and coaching people like you to become truly free and THRIVE in Business while following their purpose.

In 2010 my life took a dramatic turn. It started with an epiphany I had while I was volunteering at the Hay House I CAN DO IT conference in Toronto. I was assigned to the room where Denise Linn was leading a past life regression. I didn’t intend to participate in the meditation but something drew me in.

Her voice guided me into a deep meditation and I experienced past life regression for the first time. In my past life, I saw myself as a brave warrior who was fighting hard in a battle. When the battle was over everyone around (including everyone I cared about) was dead. I lived a long, lonely and sad life and died alone. The message I received from that experience was that, “if I fight, I will end up alone”. Then another message came to me, my name Irina means “PEACE” in Greek and my current life needs to be about peace.

Up until that point I had lived my life as a warrior fighting hard to survive. Having been emotionally and physically abused by both my parents, having been told that a woman is not as good as a man and having lined up for food while living under Communism, I had adopted a survivor mindset. Despite these discouraging circumstances, I had blazed a path for myself, finishing University, coming to Canada and building an amazing career in nuclear engineering. I had done more than survive and I was proud. I thought I was thriving but I wasn’t.

I was accomplished in my career, managing large engineering teams and complex projects of about $6M in total but I felt more drained than happy. To be perfectly honest, I think I was close to burning out.

That day, at the I CAN DO IT conference, I came to understand the reason; I was doing it all wrong. I was not being authentic! I had become a skilled warrior in order to overcome some big obstacles but this was not the real me, quite the opposite.

Few months after the conference, I lost my father and shortly after that I had a very unpleasant experience at work that left me feeling that I was “not good enough” after all.

It was through grieving my loss and damage to my identity, when I realized that the only person in the world that could destroy me was me. No one else had that power. I vowed to stand by myself and I immersed myself in absolutely everything I could to restore my well-being and discover my purpose. I had always been interested in personal development and coaching: I took many leadership courses in corporate; in 2009 I obtained a Coach Practitioner status from Certified Coaches Federation; and as if in preparation for the events to come, at the beginning of 2010 I enrolled to study Strategic Intervention with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. Because of my vow I poured myself into this training and I had learned a great deal about myself and human needs psychology (I am now certified Strategic Intervention Coach).

My past life regression experience inspired me to also pursue spiritual development. I read many spiritual books, attended various events, took courses, learned Angel Communication, Angel Card Reading and Rainbow Energy Healing. I worked extensively with intuitive energy healers to free myself from the past; to date I experienced over 400 hours of such sessions.

I achieved a new level of clarity, awareness and enhanced competence. I wanted to keep evolving and share what I had learned with others, to help them thrive in their personal life and in business.  So in 2011 I took a leap of faith. After 18 successful and accomplished years in a corporate career, I left that path to follow my soul path.


My husband and I moved away from the city, acquiring a beautiful 84 acres country property and building our dream home, an off-grid solar passive house. We each opened our own businesses, his a Herbal Medicine practice and mine a Coaching and Teaching practice.

While the time and effort I invested in personal and spiritual development helped me to recognize my purpose –driven vocation, it was during the growing stages of our businesses that I was able to witness and much more deeply comprehend how personal transformation is directly linked with business success. For all my self-awareness, I discovered that my subconscious mind held onto self-sabotaging patterns. To be truly successful in business, I needed to become truly free of the past.


As I became connected with large entrepreneur communities, I noticed that this often happens to other purpose-driven professionals, making it difficult to grow their businesses.

I believe purpose-driven entrepreneurs have an important mission: to make the world a more peaceful and loving place. I've made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping entrepreneurs THRIVE in business. My vision is that entrepreneurs make corporate level income so they can stay true to their purpose and serve the world in their unique way. I founded the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy   to provide coaching, curriculum, events and community to support all aspects of your journey to success.

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