A seasoned public speaker, Irina’s style is to engage the minds and the hearts of the audience by combining humour, practical strategies and spiritual modalities.

One of Irina’s greatest talents is to take complex concepts and explain them in simple and logical terms, using metaphors and exercises for easy comprehension and immediate implementation.

Irina is known to create a safe space where participants feel free to express, explore and expand while having a magical and enlightening experience.

Irina has shared her life story in live theatre performances and was invited to be a regular speaker as a result of this. This is captured in this 21 minute presentation in front of a live audience titled, Becoming Truly Free, Journey From Pain To Purpose

Irina was a member of Toastmasters International – Oakville Trafalgar Club in 2001-2003. She has appeared on Rogers TV, Chakra House of Healing TV – This can be viewed here.

Irina has been interviewed on BlogTalk Radio and several times on 560 CFOS where she also answered live callers questions. Irina runs her own workshops and signature retreats.

Irina’s Signature Topics:

  • Becoming Truly Free – Journey form Pain to Purpose

  • Align Your Business With Your Purpose and Thrive

  • How Enlightenment And Business Are Connected

  • Take Fear Out Of Business (and replace it with Love)

  • How to be Authentic to Thrive in Business

  • How to be Empowered to Thrive in Business

  • How to be Connected to Thrive in Business

  • Enlightenment Now: How to Use Spiritual Support in Your Day-to-day Life

  • Strategic Vision Board Creation

  • Manifesting Abundance

  • Reinventing Yourself and Your Business

Speaking Topics - details

Becoming Truly Free - Journey from Pain to Purpose

This speech is based on her upcoming book with the same title, an anthology of stories from on her own life and her coaching and healing experience.

She shares 5 lessons that will help to empower your audience

1. Let go of the need to prove yourself. You are worthy! Decide not to suffer anymore.

2. Investigate any past pain, grieve and release it. Recognize your feelings as valid, be honest with yourself.

3. Let go of the responsibilities that are not yours. Regain your joy and childlike innocence.

4. Let go of fears and learn how to feel safe. Learn how to protect yourself and be your own hero.

5. Let go of the struggle and confusion in your life. Guide yourself by universal laws like love and beauty.

To better understand Irina’s presentation style please watch this 21 minutes video made with a live audience: https://youtu.be/nKOXwdex6HE


  • Having a desire to become truly free

  • Understanding why pain needs to be healed

  • Discovering how past pain leads to purpose

Enlightenment Now: How to Use Spiritual Support in Your Day-to-day Life

We may meditate or pray at designated times or places throughout the day and this is a wonderful practice. We can take this one step further and enlist spiritual support in our day-to-day life. During this presentation you will learn:

  • How to call on spiritual support when making decisions
  • What to do when you go through a difficult time
  • How to use Oracle Cards and or your body to connect with Spirit

As a result of attending this session you will know how to easily recover from overwhelm, shorten your to do list, find solutions to your problems and, live life in alignment with your purpose and your higher self. You can find so much joy through spiritual growth. We will do some live demonstrations and a short meditation to experience what we’ve learned. 

Take Fear Out Of Business – and replace it with Love

We would be able to do way more business if we put the ego aside and come from a place of love and service instead. This is what we will work on:

  • Being comfortable to offer your services or products

  • Being comfortable charging money for what you do

  • Understanding how enlightenment and business are connected   

  • Align your business with your purpose

  • Learn how to let go of ego and just help

  • Understand how being connected with spirit helps your business thrive

Here is an article Irina wrote – How Seeking Enlightenment Helps Your Business Thrive. During the Workshop we will explore those topics and you will experience the alignment with your purpose, the dropping of the ego and instead focusing on service, as well as strengthening your connection with the divine.

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