4 Tools to Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

Tool #: Your Goals Table

This tool is what the title describes, a table where you write your goals, actions and motivators. Keep this table in a visible spot and revise it often to take off what is done and add new actions. Before you create Your Goals Table you need to set your goals.

To set your goals you first want to get crystal clear on what is important to you. This requires some introspection so, on a good day have a meeting with yourself. You need about 2 hours of quiet uninterrupted time and a pad of paper. Ask yourself questions like "what is life about according to me?", etc. Once you know what is important to you, achieving your goals will become easier. You need to know the driving force that will keep you moving forward during the days when you don’t feel like your effort is getting you anywhere.

Another goal setting strategy is to understand the difference between achievement and fulfillment and to make sure your goals will give you long term joy not only momentary joy after which you are left with exhaustion.

The wording for your goals is very important as you want to be uplifted and motivated when you read your goals.

Part of the 4 weeks Boot Camp Challenge “Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet!” I provide the introspective question, the Goals Table with all the important columns complete the table as well as goal setting guidelines. If you’d like my support please register here.

Tool #2: Your Vision Board

If you saw the movie The Secret you might have heard of the Vision Board, also called the Intention Board, Dream Board, etc.

The Vision Board helps to make your goals a reality. Creating your Vision Board is essential if you want to live your life by design, not by chance. Your Vision Board will put the whole world in motion, to bring you in contact with resources, people and events that match your desires.

It’s fun to do a Vision Board and anyone can do one.

Part of the 4 weeks Boot Camp Challenge “Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet!” I provide Real life examples to demonstrate the magic behind the Vision Board as well as the few common elements of a Vision Board and the psychology behind the magic. If you’d like my support please register here.

Tool #3: Your Achievements and Strengths List

The list of your achievements and the list of your strengths is invaluable in achieving your goals. Make a list of all your achievements to date and try to determine your strengths. Ask yourself this question "what strength have I had in order to achieve this particular success?". This will help you discover easy ways to make things happen for you.

When following your dreams there are days when fears show up and stand in your way, even blocking you at times. During those times your Achievements and your Strengths lists prove to be the most helpful, read them often.

Part of the 4 weeks Boot Camp Challenge “Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet!” I guide you to Self-Empowerment, giving yourself permission to succeed and getting out of your own way. If you’d like my support please register here.

Tool #4: Your Strategic Plan

You can know exactly what is important to you and what your goals are, you can have your Vision Board and you can know your strategies for success BUT if you haven’t taken the steps to make your strategic plan, you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

To make your Strategic plan you want to determine where you are now, where do you want to be at the end of 2014 and how will you get there. You need to analyze where you spend your time now and then prioritize your goals, scheduling your actions and creating new routines.

Determining what area of your life needs the most attention first is also very important. Sometimes when we set goals we focus on one area, for example career, but we forget to check the other areas of our life, for example health. If we have a health problem no matter how good our career goals are and how many strategies for achievement we have in place, our health issue will slow us down. Therefore when setting goals you want to analyze all areas of your life and determine what area needs the most attention first.

Having a Strategic Plan is the key to success!

Part of the 4 weeks Boot Camp Challenge “Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet!” I personally guide you through the various steps of the Strategic Plan. If you’d like my support please register here.

Having these 4 tools in place gives you the clarity, the confidence and the support that will make sure your dreams become reality. You will be set to make 2014 your best year yet!

Comment below to share what tools have you used that helped you achieve your goals.




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