5 Steps to Reinvent Yourself!

To expand and progress, you need to stop and reinvent yourself every once in a while.

We actually ADAPT ourselves all the time, when we move, when we change jobs, when we get married, when a kid is born, when kids leave home, when we start our business, when we grow our business, when we slow down in our business. When conditions change it’s better to take time to REINVENT as it is so much more efficient that just simple adapting, it creates much more internal peace and external ease.

Here are the Steps to Reinvent Yourself:

1 Analyze where you are. What if nothing changes?

Take some time for introspection and question your state of affairs. Find out what changed in your life in the last while and how are you doing.

2. Decide what is your ideal life in the new situation. Set a new vision.

Take time to envision your ideal life and ideal business. It is best to consider you have unlimited resources time and money so you are uninhibited by what you can perceive as standing in your way. This is also a good time to create new goals, revisit your Bucket List and add few more items on it, refresh your Vision Board by moving pictures around and adding new elements to it.

3. Let go of what no longer serves you

Most likely you would like to let go of worries, limiting beliefs, bad memories, fears, self-sabotage patterns. You can make a list of all those.

4. Have a ceremony to mark the moment

When we make a decision we need to mark the moment with a memorable event that the body and mind can relate to. You can create anything that appeals to you. Sometimes during coaching sessions I have my clients cross and imaginary line saying before and after. At the retreat we walked the labyrinth. You can drum, or jump up and down, anything that will make you remember the moment. If you made a list with all the things you want to let go burning the list is also a powerful gesture.

5. Create New Habits.

You can start by recording your activities for a period of 2 weeks then identifying time wasters or things that no longer serve who you want to become. Decide what need to change, then proceed with creating new rituals for attracting what you want to see in your life. This is the perfect time to create or revise your Empowerment Statement –this is few sentences that express your qualities and how they support you in moving forward with your purpose.

Creating new habits takes time. It is said it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit. You can choose to work through The Authentic, Empowered, Connected Process TM to from new habits that will create clarity, confidence and ease in your life.


Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:   

Have you consciously reinvented yourself before? Take some time this weekend to quickly go through steps 1 to 4. Comment below to share what kind of ceremony you would like to set up for yourself to mark the moment of Reinventing Yourself.

Comment and ask questions below. I will be supporting you in your journey.




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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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