A Strategy for Boosting Your Confidence

In order to achieve our full potential, follow our purpose and THRIVE we need to feel guided by a higher power. When we are not connected to this higher power our ego, who’s job is to keep us safe, would scare us to death and as a result keep us within the limits of our comfort zone.

Whenever we step out of this comfort zone we need to be aware of signs indicating that we are on the right path. Here is my story that will exemplify this: 

The SPIDER was determined to draw my attention. I was at a poetry roast for the long weekend and a girl had a riddle with the SPIDER as the answer (she did the riddle twice that day as not everyone was present). Another girl had a t-shirt with a Spider on it. I saw a multitude of spiders at the entrance of the house these past days. Few nights ago just before turning the light off a spider started walking across (he lost his life for me, sorry). Last Sunday as I was meeting a client in my outdoor office a spider fell in my lap. Then Monday I walked the labyrinth and about 5 spiders were there at the center gathered on the boulder to tell me to pay attention to them. I need to mention that I am allergic to spiders so I try to stay away from them as much as I can. Nevertheless at their insistence I paid attention. Here is what the Spider Medicine card had to say about:

“Spider wove the web that brought humans the first picture of the alphabet. The letters were part of the angles of her web.

Deer asked Spider what she was weaving and why all the lines looked like symbols. Spider replied, "Why Deer, it is time for Earth's children to learn to make records of their progress in their Earth Walk."

Spider is the symbol for the infinite possibilities of creation. Spider is the female energy of the creative force that weaves the beautiful deigns of life. If Spider has dropped from her web into your cards today, she may be telling you to create, create, create!

Spider could be asking you to use a journal to write out and review your progress. If you do this, you will not forget how you are creating a new of different phase in your life.” Source: Sams, Jamie and Carson, David. Medicine Cards

You might think so what? Let me tell you first why this message is so important and dear to my heart. I just made a commitment to finish writing my book and publish it. After the initial euphoria wore off, the fears came yelling at me “you are not a writer”, “ English is your second language and how will you write a book when you don’t even know proper grammar” “it’s a lot of work involved with a book project, are you sure you have the time” you know the likes.

So the SPIDER totem comes to me to let me know that my intuition is right and indeed the desire to write the book was divinely guided. The Spider continued coming even in my dreams and every time I see one I tell her I got it.

My angel cards provided further confirmation. Can you believe I pulled the card BOOKS from Doreen’s Virtue Angel Therapy deck. It says “Your life purpose involves writing (…) spiritually based books.”

I have been talking about writing this book for about 3 years but did not progress much. Now I know the time is right and because of all the guidance I receive I can put my fears to rest and focus on doing the work.

The strategy for boosting your self confidence I am sharing with you today is to look for signs to guide your endeavor. You can work with Angel Cards, I find them very reassuring, especially that I used to have a tendency to second-guess myself, or you can look at nature for signs.

In my case the signs where all around me, all I needed to do once I become aware was to take time to interpret what I saw and then take action.

P.S. the picture is my Vision Board for writing the Book this is another strategy I teach my clients.


Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:   

What is a project that you are working on? Have you observed any signs to confirm your path? Can you use the guidance to protect you from your fears and boost your confidence?

Comment below to share. If you wish I can pull an Angel Card for you just mention this in your comment. I’ll be glad to be supporting you in your journey.

Blessings to you,



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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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