Packaging your services is a way to love your client

Packaging your services is a way to love your client

As I was preparing myself to lead the Packages and Prices Business Management Strategy Day I meditated and I asked for guidance for the day via an angel card. I got one about love and deepening relationships. I thought, this card must be for me as my mom is just visiting. I said a prayer and I asked for another card for the group. I got The Lovers. I raised an eyebrow first, then I got the meaning: to package your service is a way of  loving your clients. This is why:

  1. You are the expert in your topic.  You know what is needed in order to solve the problem your client has. When you create your package you create the entire map for your client to get from where they are to the result they are seeking. Your client wants you to guide them and tell them what is needed.
  2. You get to the core of the problem. One-of sessions are band-aids that momentarily soothe the symptom. In order to get to the core of the problem you need to see your client several times to understand what is going on, then to prescribe the solution, and finally to support the implementation.
  3. You get to really take care of your client. With a package you have an ongoing relationship and commitment.  You can give more to your clients without depleting yourself. My on-going clients have a place in my energy, my heart and my prayers – I am invested in their lives and the success of their business.

When you guide your client to the results they are seeking, when you get to the core of the problem and when you really take care of them, you are loving them. Your packages allow you to do this.

Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:

If you don’t have packages create some even if they are basic at first. Just do something then sell it to your first potential client. You have to “deliver to figure it out” ... start and then shift later. What are you planning to offer?

If you have packages look at them from the perspective of LOVE, how can you tweak them to be more loving? 

Share below and I will reply and guide you, answer your question or cheer you on. 




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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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