The last building block of a THRIVING life is being Connected. I feel that it is actually very easy to connect once you are Authentic and Empowered.

My definition for being connected:

CONNECTED means that you live in the present moment, aware of yourself, in touch with a higher power and at the same time, available to the people around.

When I talk about being available I mean that you are open to both give from your strengths and to receive help for the things that are not your strengths. I want to say where you have weaknesses but I am afraid you might take offence as you probably try hard to pretend you are good in every area and you can handle everything single handedly; I know I have done this too in the past. Yes, let’s admit once and for all that we cannot be good in everything. Actually, there are some strengths that are mutually exclusive. For example, you cannot be big picture thinking and detailed oriented at the same time. So this goes to demonstrate that we need each other, we need each other’s strengths and this is why we form teams to achieve the great things that one person alone can never achieve. In partnerships and marriages the opposites attract and this is a good thing as long as the strengths of one are used in conjunction with the other, when you look for ways to complete each other.

What stands in the way of being Connected? 

  • Not realizing that connection is extremely important to our health and overall wellbeing.
  • We are not connecting to our body because we fail to appreciate the wisdom of our body.
  • Being afraid of our feelings and not knowing how we feel.
  • Being too busy to stop and connect.
  • New factor– technology.
  • We don’t feel worthy.
  • We don’t like to show our vulnerability.
  • Thinking that asking for help means weakness.

I have read that the reason for relationships is to enhance the human experience. When we are connected we actually share and let other people into our lives and our experience of this miracle called life is greatly enhanced.

What is your number one reason for not being more Connected? Use the comment area bellow to let me know.





The Body, Mind, Emotion and Soul Connection


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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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