Being EMPOWERED means that you are no longer willing to see yourself as a victim in any way. You can be powerful and gentle simultaneously.

There is a lot of talk about leaders empowering others or parents empowering their kids but not too often the question is asked "are you empowering yourself?" To answer this question check if any of the reasons why you might be not.


  • Waiting for an authority figure to approve of us so we can feel good about our performance
  • ENTITLEMENT -Looking to other people to take care of us, to meet our needs and to make us happy
  • Blaming parents, grandparents, teachers, older siblings, bosses for our less then desirable behavior
  • Wanting to be nice and please everybody despite the fact that you are not pleasing yourself
  • Not knowing how to be assertive and settling for being aggressive or passive instead.
  • Believing that if you act assertively you are cold, impolite, selfish or demanding, that you are exerting power over others
  • Succumbing to the inner critic and not acting as if your wants and needs are worthy
  • Being afraid of hurting other's feelings, but being OK to hurt your own feelings.


Are you recognizing any that is true for you?

When we are empowered we know that it is our job to trust ourselves and treat ourselves with love and respect. It is our job to take our wishes seriously, acting toward ourselves knowing that we are special, and loving ourselves unconditionally.

A good affirmation to use while learning about empowerment:

It's safe for me to be powerful! I accept my power to be used in the service of peace and love.

Being self-conscious is not useful. Instead of worrying what others think about me, I use my power to make the world a better place.  

What is your number one reason for not being Empowered? Use the comment area bellow to let me know. And don't forget to register your email to receive updates and special offers.





What stands in the way of being AUTHENTIC?


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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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