Being Empowered is Good for Business

Here are a few points participants noted as take away ideas to implement:

  • Talk confidently about the results of your work. Potential clients want to know first the results they can expect by working with you, not how you do it, your methods, or your qualifications. That comes second if they ask.
  • Be assertive and offer your services. You got to believe that what you do is valuable and then to love people enough to offer your service to them. You got to be willing to take the risk of being rejected. The more rejections you are willing to get the higher the success. There are people who are not yet ready to work with you and that’s OK, move on to the next.
  • When you deliver the service be the expert. You don’t need your client’s approval to know you did a good job, you got to trust yourself and your expertise. This helps you deliver better results and, in the end, have higher client satisfaction.
  • Have the courage to take action before you feel you are ready or your product is perfect. Inaction leads to procrastination and procrastination leads to disappointment in yourself. Then you lose your confidence and without confidence it’s hard to have a thriving business. If even with the best of your intentions you don’t seem to be able to take action, instead of beating yourself up try to understand what is stopping you, self sabotage or limiting beliefs. Reach out for help from a coach or healer.
  • Feel worthy enough to ask for money for your service. When people give you money, they make a commitment, they invest in themselves and will shift from focusing on the problem to wanting a solution. Many times I saw people getting new clients right after they signed up with me before the first coaching call. It’s the Universe responding to their decision.

Another point I teach, setting the price is a business decision, it does not represent your value or your worth. I know this is contrary to the popular advice out there. In my view there is nothing noble of asking for a lot because you had trained for years when you have very few clients and cannot pay your business expenses and the bills. You start by asking an introductory price and as your business grows, your expertise grows you adjust the price. My aim though is to keep my services affordable by structuring what I provide in a way that is a win-win. Also by applying what I teach people can make the money back. I advise my clients to look for similar ways where their service pays for itself.

Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:

What is your takeaway? How did you transition or how do you plan to transition? Please share in the comments below. I am curious to read about your experience. I will respond to your comment and share my observations.





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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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