Can I make money following my purpose?

Can I make money following my purpose?

Answer: YES! I actually believe it is the only “honest” way to make money. I believe it is the only way that work is truly fulfilling.

You might next ask HOW? The answer again is very simple – you go out there and serve the people that need you using your unique combination of skills and experience and at the same time you stay open to receive compensation in exchange.

If it’s that simple then why so many are struggling believing that they have to make a choice between money and passion (which in fact is purpose)? Because of limiting beliefs that might sound like this:

  • you cannot make serious money doing what you love

  • you got to have a serious job and cannot have your hobby as your job

  • who will pay me for this

  • if I am kind I should give this for free after-all I am having fun doing it

  • I am not worth the money I‘m asking

  • I don’t like to sell and push people into buying my services

  • People don’t pay for this

So what are some strategies for staying the course following your purpose and be supported by it?

  1. Trust that you have a purpose and that you know it. Some people spend years to find out what their purpose is and thus hiding from actually taking action on the next step that will lead to their purpose the step that is just in front of them. I do believe that our purpose grows as we grow. For example Mother Theresa did not know on the day that she connected with her purpose the extent of her work as it would become towards the end of her life. I believe if she knew she would have been too scared to even start.

  2. Have faith that you are supported and the right things will come to you at the right time. When we worry we have a confused energy and we are not focused. This makes us miss opportunities and we feel unsupported. When we have faith instead we stay calm and are ready to take the next step.

  3. Feel your purpose deep so deep that motivates you to keep going even when it’s hard (know your WHY). If you truly connect with the pain that the people that need you feel waiting for you to show up with the solution it is very hard for you to hide or procrastinate.

  4. Focus on serving people not on selling to them. If someone has a need and you have a solution just make that person aware of it, then breath and give them space to decide if they are ready for your solution.

  5. Know that not everyone needs your solution. In order for you to succeed you need to protect your self-confidence and therefore you need to be selective to whom you offer your solution. If the person does not match your service it might actually be bad for you to try to help that person. Why? Because they will not get results and you will feel as if you failed, your confidence will go down and you will then tend to hide again from your purpose. It is also bad for them because they waste energy, time and money.

  6. Work on your self-worth so you can be open to receive compensation and feel good about it. If you are not making money doing what you love it might be because you don’t feel worth it. Know that it is not sustainable to just give and not receive. You will burn out, you will give up and will turn to just making money and forget about your purpose.

  7. Identify, resolve and release self-sabotaging patterns. When something is not working, if you are not making money from following your purpose know that there might be a self-sabotage pattern that needs to be identified, resolved and released. It is very important to ask for help with this because you cannot solve a problem you cannot identify. The self sabotaging is subconscious and you need external support to identify it. I go to my coaches for this one. You can to. I am here if you need me.


Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:   

Which of the 7 Strategies resonate with you the most? Make a decision to work on it for the next week.

Let me know what you plan to do, please comment below.




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