Entrepreneurship is hard work

When you are an entrepreneur taking risks and building things that were not there before, you have to dig deep. By doing so you ask questions, seek clarity. This search helps you grow and become enlightened. When you are in fear and ego you cannot do much business. You need to transcend them. You ne...
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Energize Your Business

I think business has to be fun and fulfilling. This is why you chose this path right? How is your business, are you just going through the motions or are you excited and full of vitality? Going through the motions will not help you achieve the vision that you set forth for your business. If you lost...
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Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Happy New Year to you! Do you have big dreams this year? Yes? Then this video is for you. I shot it on January 1st one hour after we welcomed in the New Year. We were at The Briars a historic Resort here in Ontario Canada and the atmosphere was absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I wanted you to fee...
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Do You Have Patience

I was very disappointed the week before. I had been dreaming for the last 2 years about doing a book signing at the “ I CAN DO IT” conference Toronto. Last year they did not even have the conference, so when I saw it scheduled for this year I thought, “WOW, this is my chance”. Except, my manuscript ...
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Being Empowered is Good for Business

Here are a few points participants noted as take away ideas to implement: Talk confidently about the results of your work. Potential clients want to know first the results they can expect by working with you, not how you do it, your methods, or your qualifications. That comes second if they ask. Be ...
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How Seeking Enlightenment Helps Your Business Thrive

Did you know that there is a path to enlightenment through entrepreneurship? I have discovered this over the years while coaching purpose driven entrepreneurs to THRIVE in Business. You see, what is happening in your business is a very good indicator of your state of enlightenment. When you are in a...
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Analyze and Strategize

In order to THRIVE in business we need to periodically analyze the past and strategize the future.  Take a moment to look back at the last six months in your business, are you: (1) very happy, (2) just OK or (3) dissatisfied with your results. Let’s look at the various scenarios: (1) You a...
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Strategic Goal Setting

To set goals you first have to ask yourself a few questions about your life and the level of satisfaction with various areas: health and fitness, career and finances, relationships, emotional and self nurturing, spirituality and contribution. My strategy is to have only 3 goals for the next 3 months...
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How To Create a Vision Board that Works for You

How to create your Vision Board? There are 2 movies that will greatly help you with creating your Vision Board: "The Bucket List” and "The Secret”. To start use a cork board (bulletin board) size at least 17”X23”. The reason I recommend a cork board and not another medium is because a Vision Board i...
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Strategic Scheduling

 Ideas for STRATEGIC SCHEDULING Analyze where your time is spent now. You cannot change what you don’t know so start by keeping a log for about 2 weeks to see where your time is spent. Decide what you want to see in your life. Imagine your ideal life, create a Vision Board, connect with your pu...
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