Do You Have Patience

I was very disappointed the week before. I had been dreaming for the last 2 years about doing a book signing at the “ I CAN DO IT” conference Toronto. Last year they did not even have the conference, so when I saw it scheduled for this year I thought, “WOW, this is my chance”. Except, my manuscript is not finished yet. I called the service provider and asked if it was possible for them to work on my book cover and edit what I have so far while I finish writing. Thinking that in doing things in parallel, I could make the May date. The answer was “no”. I didn’t like the answer so I spent the next 3 days talking with various people from production to marketing. Same answer - “It’s not possible.”

The last person I talked to was the marketing manager and she explained how I have to look at the big picture and not only at one event. I cried for 20 minutes while being with her on the phone. I couldn’t believe I had to give up, after all, I know how to make stuff happen.

Well, I thought, I need to release the sadness and find another way to be enthusiastic about finishing the book. I called on the intuitive healer I usually work with to resolve those situations.

She channelled the following beautiful messages from the Angels about this book:

“This is a divinely inspired book, this is a divinely inspired process. This is your journal of healing and your journey of healing. To write this healing book and bring it to the world is your life purpose. Trust and be PATIENT! 

This book is to help people heal so you have to do the healing too; you have to BE what you are writing. You cannot rush this process.

I have many virtues; patience is not one of them though. I asked myself the question ”Why? Why don’t I have patience?”

The underlying answer is obvious “I want to arrive”, I want to sign books, to hand them to people knowing how my journey could support their own. Somehow signing the books was more important than writing the book. In this quest for meeting a deadline writing the book was, more or less, in the way of signing the book.

Last night I searched among the books in my library for inspiration on book covers. After looking at a few I pulled one as a sample and I didn’t put it back. I left it on my desk. This morning I was just about to put it back, and then I thought I will read a bit from it. I went to the bookmark where I last stopped. I don’t know how you do it, I start many books - some I finish, some I don’t.

Amazingly this is what it was on that page:

“If you become excessively focused on the goal, perhaps because you are seeking happiness, fulfilment, or a more complete sense of self in it, the Now is no longer honored. It becomes reduced to a mere stepping stone to the future, with no intrinsic value.

Your life’s journey is no longer an adventure, just an obsessive need to arrive, to attain, to make it.

You can only be aware of the beauty and the miracle of life that unfolds around you when you are present in the Now.”

The Power of Now – A guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle.

So this is the big lesson I learned through this, and the lesson I am sharing with you.

Being impatient means I am not happy where I am.

I must believe that there is something better in the future that I must achieve at the expense of the now. I must feel that I have to sacrifice the now for a better future.

Why? My life is beautiful now, as it is. I write from my home office overlooking a beautiful field with trees in the background. I go for walks in nature every day. I have time to write as our needs are met. My husband is progressing with building our home and retreat. I enjoy running the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy working with my amazing clients. I and all my family are in good health. I am happy where I am.

True, I want to serve more, do more, and inspire more. I want to be one with my vision of handing my book to people with a big smile on my face, knowing that I am making a difference. Only, I don’t want to sacrifice my happiness now. To create trouble where there is none. In the end it is not about meeting a deadline; it is about the joy of creating. I love to write anyway, I kept a journal since I was 10.

So I’ve decided to enjoy the now. I’ll do just that, enjoy writing the book. Enjoy reviewing my healing journey and completing it through the stories I’ll write. Enjoy sharing the lessons I learned.

You see with this decision I don’t even need patience. Because I have joy in the moment, I don’t feel separated from something I do not have.

Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:

How about you? Do you have patience? Is there something in the future that is robbing you of the joy in the present? Is there somewhere you want to arrive to and you don’t have the patience to allow it come in the right time? What can you change?

Post a comment below to share your thoughts on the topic. When I see your comment and FB share I will send you a gift, a one hour Webinar where I walk you through the 5 Steps to Make Your Vision Real. 





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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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