Do You Need to Get Close to Nature to Know?

I cried a lot today. When you dream about being close to nature you think about enjoying long walks in the forest, hugging the trees, planting a garden and watching the animals. Today I learned that being close to nature also means understanding the cycle of life and death and the nature of serving a higher purpose through transformation.

Today we took 19 roosters to the butcher, a first for us since we moved to the country a bit over 2 years ago. We got them in June when they were one day old chicks and we cared for them ever since. During the summer they had free run outside and once the cold set in, we kept them inside the chicken coop. We had delayed this operation because we knew it will be hard but in the end we had to do it as they were too many and were creating troubles

We learned that despite the apparent tragedy the 19 roosters served their intended purpose.  Being close to nature does teach you about meaning of life and about the precious moment that we have now.



And how about you? Would you like to reduce superficial activities and replace them with meaningful ones that will lead you to fulfilment?

We needed to wait 4 hours to get the birds home so to kill the time we drove to Arthur, a nearby town. I stumbled upon a Prayer Room and I went in to ask for a prayer for the birds. While it was obvious the prayer was more for me than the birds, I felt it was an extra gift they got me beside the 120 pounds of meat.

I remember visiting my grandmother in her village and I remember down to earth people taking the good with the bad. They valued each other and they felt more real in their dealings. Now I know why, they did kill birds and farm animals to eat. They somehow understood this cycle of life and how everything serves a purpose.

We were discussing if we want to raise chicks again in the coming years and we were very close to saying no but then how can you be a hypocrite and go to the grocery store, buy a chicken and pretend you don't know that they were once alive. At least when you grow them you have given them some of you and then they give back to you.

The lesson here is that everything serves a purpose. They have transformed in good nutritious food that will nurture us for months. We will be very mindful and grateful when eating the soups and stews to follow.


Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:  

Think of something you suffered over. Can you see a higher purpose? Comment below to share what you have discovered. Have you had similar experiences?

I will select one person that comments to have a 45 minutes session with me. Sharing this blog also helps more people THRIVE!




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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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