How to easily connect with potential clients

To have a thriving business, your clients need to easily connect with you and with what you do. Here are some strategies:

1)  Lead with the results to connect with your client

Potential client is interested in the result first and not the method or the process. For example: when one is marketing Massage therapy, they talk about relaxation, about the benefits massage has on the body. It is not helpful to talk about the method, how therapist will stretch your muscles with their hands and sometimes will push their elbow in a sore spot until you tear up.
When you talk about the results you deliver instead of the method, and the client decides to work with you, in the process of supporting them you can use  whatever tools you feel the guided to use for their benefit. By using a combination of tools and modalities you deliver the service in your unique way and this is how you will distinguish yourself from any competition and create a thriving business. 

2)  Share your story to connect with your client

Sharing your story is important so people get to know you. Clients buy once they feel they know, like and trust you this is why is important to share your raw, authentic story.
Here are the elements of a story that connects:

  • What were you doing before, how was your life before
  • The awakening - the event, hardship, accident, illness, or epiphany
  • New level of understanding – what helped you transform, how did you got your results?
  • Explain how by working with other people you gained confidence in the results you offer now.

When you write your story follow a logical path without burdening the reader with information that it is not necessary. This is not your full life story, share only what people would be interested to know for the purpose of connecting and working with you.

3)  Key elements of a website that connects with your client

When you start your business it is wiser to have content that connects rather than pay thousands of dollars for fancy graphic, logo and all. Here are the key elements of a website that connects: the results your work provides, your raw story, testimonials from past clients, and your photos. I believe your website should have your vibration so I invite you to use your photos instead of stock photography. 
For a detailed explanation 
listen to the show recording here.
Please comment bellow if you feel your clients easily connect with you, if you have other insights or to share what will you implement from the points you read or heard on the radio show. The more you connect with me the better I can serve you by providing the right value in those blogs and on the show. 





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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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