I think business has to be fun and fulfilling. This is why you chose this path right? How is your business, are you just going through the motions or are you excited and full of vitality?

Going through the motions will not help you achieve the vision that you set forth for your business. If you lost that spark, if you lost that daring desire, it’s time to energize your business.

When you keep your nose to the grind, doing what needs to be done and pushing for your business to grow, you lose sight of the fundamental reason for you to have started your business. You did not start your business to struggle, to feel tired or trapped. Right? You most probably wanted freedom. Then how did you become enslaved to your business?

For me, as the time passed, the gap from where I wanted to be to where I was became bigger and bigger. I felt more behind, therefore I worked harder and longer and in the process I got tired and felt trapped.

My inner child threw temper tantrums regularly. She was not getting enough attention and play time. This is why for the first time ever in my achiever life I set the word of the year to be FUN – not expansion, not extraordinary, just simple fun.

Do you feel behind in your business too? Do you feel tired and trapped?

Watch this video I've made for you.

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How do you Energize Your Business?

To get out of the funk, stop and take those steps

Step 1 Redefine what’s important to you. Why did you start the business and what are the benefits? Are you enjoying what’s good? I realized recently that one of the reasons for me is to be able to live in the country. I have the luxury of walking in the woods every day. Maybe you wanted to be closer to your family, kids or parents.

Step 2 Redefine what you want from your business. You want your business to grow but what does that mean? How much? Why?  What will that do for you? All I wanted from my business is freedom. Freedom to chose my hours, freedom to work with people I enjoy and want to grow together. Freedom to live life on my terms.

Step 3 Once you know what are the results you are after it will be easier to see maybe there is another way. Maybe the way you push is not really the path. This is true especially if it requires constant hard work on your part. I am redirected by the Universe every 2, 3 years. I know that once you listen, it will become easier.

Step 4 Identify where your business is losing energy. This is wasted effort. Be sure not to put time or money into something that doesn’t produce results of equal or higher value.  

Step 5 To energize your business you need to bring in fresh ideas, new perspectives, new direction, new clients, capital or helpers. Find out what is missing. Create new alliances, sign new contracts with suppliers, find new people to help you, join a Mastermind.

If you are in Toronto area come to an workshop. Click here for details.

A real business produces energy. It transforms the energy put in, into something sustainable. If you keep making efforts to produce results that stop when you stop putting in the effort, you have a job not a business.


Post in the comments below. What is stealing energy from your business? What kind of energy you need to bring into your business? I’m curious and I will make more videos to respond to your comments.


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