Entrepreneurship is hard work

When you are an entrepreneur taking risks and building things that were not there before, you have to dig deep. By doing so you ask questions, seek clarity. This search helps you grow and become enlightened.

When you are in fear and ego you cannot do much business. You need to transcend them. You need to overcome being afraid of judgement, criticism, rejection. When the clients are not coming stop and ask yourself some questions.

Today’s video for you is about the connection between Entrepreneurship and Enlightenment. It is interesting how those 2 are so closely connected. Watch the video to see how.



Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey, is like climbing the mountain but is worth  it. Don't give up. It's hard for everyone! Schedule a complimentary session with Irina https://entrepreneurenlightenmentacademy.com/en/contact.

Post your main takeways in the comments below.


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Monday, 19 April 2021

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