Find Your Niche to Thrive

Find Your Niche to Thrive

The dictionary definition of niche as referred to business is denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. I italicized the word small because this creates the paradox for most entrepreneurs. When you are new in business and hungry for clients the idea to restrict your offer to a small segment of population is really scary. It does not make sense.  Still I have found that it is easier to grow your business when you have a defined niche.

1) It's easier to grow your business when you have a defined niche

When you define what you specialize in and who you work with, potential clients will easily recognize themselves. You will also get more referrals because your friends and family understand who you serve. This is the power of the niche.
For example, when you say “I am a Reiki practitioner” it’s general. I don’t know if I need Reiki and I don’t connect with you. When you say I do Reiki for kids who doubt themselves and help them gain their independence, I think, “this is interesting”, and my nephew who doubts himself comes to my mind and maybe I’ll mention your service to his mother.

2) Your niche is related to your purpose

Another aspect is that when you define your niche you make it easy for people whom you might have soul contracts to work with, to find you. You end up doing the things you love for the people you care about most. This is sustainable and leads to a thriving business. When you go out to courses, weddings, networking events and other gatherings, notice who are the people you easily connect with.

3) You are more successful addressing specific problems.

It is easier to provide value to a specific audience. It’s also easier to specialize, you can be more successful addressing specific problems rather than a broad  range. First, because you will be addressing the same thing over and over again and second because you start with the area where you have personal experience with.
Once you define your niche write your marketing copy around it. This does not mean that you cannot choose to work outside of your niche if it feels right. Be observant what comes you way and be prepared to dance with the Universe. To grow we need to constantly refine our business, our niche, and our marketing. A while ago I felt I at crossroads between going deeper with the personal development niche or specializing in entrepreneurship. I wasn’t sure. I asked the Universe to send me a sign through the first person who would call to purchase my services. It was an entrepreneur and voila I narrowed my niche. 
Let me know if you found your niche. 
Listen to the show to hear some questions you can use to gain more clarity. Please share with me your AHA moments or questions. I’d be happy to answer them in the next show.




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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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