How Coaching and Energy Healing work together

To achieve your business goals you need to be aware of what possible holds you back and then do something about it. Entrepreneurs tend to focus most of their energy taking marketing and business courses thinking that this is all they need to grow their business. As an entrepreneur you are the main resource in your business, you are the decision maker, the creator of your products, the professional who delivers the services. You are also the marketing department and the sales department.

When business is not growing as fast as you would like, what do you do? Work harder? Criticize yourself? Procrastinate? How about hiring support, hiring a coach or a healer, or both?

Why hire a coach and a healer? Coaching is future oriented, healing is past oriented. Coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to be. Healing frees you from the past so you can move forward with ease.

To give you an example I will use sports analogy because it might be easier to understand. Let’s say you are a sprint runner and wants to run faster, you hire a coach and the coach gives you strategies to improve your stamina, your breathing and your stride. You take what you learned and go run but a shooting pain from your big toe distracts you and you forget all the strategies the coach has thought you. This is a pain you have from childhood when your parents neglected buying you bigger shoes as your feet grew. Your overall time does not improve and you start thinking you are just not good enough to win and you get discouraged. When your coach finds out about this she sends you to a healer (let’s say a reflexologist) to do something about the pain from your big toe, you have healing sessions, the pain lessens and eventually subsides. The next run you are able to focus and you run faster than ever before, the pain from the past is not distracting you anymore and the strategies from you coach are more effective. WOW, you say, I CAN DO IT! I can live my purpose. I am free. YES!

This blog came about because I recently took some energy healing techniques course and I was wondering why as a coach I need to know that. The answer is I’d like to provide a complete service to my clients, help them strategize about their future business success and help them heal the past.  I work with entrepreneurs who feel blocked or slowed down in achieving their vision and I help my clients identify, resolve and release self-sabotaging patterns due to past traumas, criticism or feelings of unworthiness. As a result they gain clarity, confidence and ease; they THRIVE in fulfilling their purpose.

This is a case study from an actual session I conducted last week. You will be able to identify and apply some of the strategies and healing techniques for yourself.

My client was experiencing a resistance to making more money from her business and at the same time some was experiencing some back pain. The back pain was keeping her from being productive which in turn was “helping” her not making more money. This is what I call self-sabotage (I know self-sabotage doesn’t sound that pretty but sugar coating it does not make things better).

We started by defining her goal. This was mainly coaching – she said she does not want to worry about her back as when she has back pain she cannot be productive. Then as we explored further we were able to articulate a goal that is clear, positive and motivating. This is the first thing to do. Without a clear goal that is motivating us to move forward we sometimes end up chasing our tail.

The resulting goal: “To allow myself to step into my purpose and to be open to enjoy my life and flow with ease.” this is very powerful because it’s personal and the words resonate with what was important to her. Don’t be fooled thinking that this seems general, it is not.

Then we talked about what stands in the way of achieving this goal. She said “frustration, I should do better”, “no trust in myself”. This is when we discovered where the back pain is coming from.

You see when we are frustrated at ourselves we energetically attack ourselves. If we do this over and over our energy is affected and it can result in actual physical pain. Doreen Virtue in her Angel Therapy Handbook calls this toxic energy “psychic attack” which often takes forms of weapons.

When both my client and I focused on her back pain we saw a dagger that was creating the sharp pain. We called on Archangel Michael to remove it and he dissolves it. Now if you analyze this case logically it all makes sense. The energy of frustration with self was creating this energetic dagger and it was “back stabbing” then the result was “no trust in self” which again makes sense – how can you trust someone who backstabs you.

This is what my client reported few days later: “Friday I was pleased at my productivity! I also had a productive day today. As for the back pain, so far so good.”

We all do this, we criticize ourselves, we become frustrated or impatient with ourselves, so from time to time it’s good to take some time, get into a meditative state, and call upon Archangel Michael to lift all of the forms of “psychic attack” from your energy field. It’s good to create habits of self-nurturing and know that you are the most important resource in your business. Without you there is no business. Give yourself the support you need to achieve your vision and THRIVE by while fulfilling your purpose.

Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:

What is your main goal right now? Is your goal clear, positive and motivating?

Take a moment and go into a meditative state then scan your energy field to sense if there are any weapons of psychic attack. Call upon Archangel Michael to remove them and on Archangel Raphael to heal the energetic wounds.

Comment below to share your experience with coaching and healing combined to achieve your business success.





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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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