How do I know what is my purpose?

In my practice I work with 3 types of entrepreneurs: the ones who transition from a full time corporate job or nother business to their purpose business; the ones who are in their business full time and are looking to make it sustainable; and the ones who have been in their purpose business for a while and are looking to create supportive teams so they can grow to the next level.

The question I get the most from the entrepreneurs in the transition phase is “how do I know what is my purpose?”

Here are few important points I learned about purpose:

  1. We actually know what our purpose is but the problem comes when we have to declare it to the world and especially to our family. Our purpose seems out of ordinary. A raised catholic talking with the Angels and getting angel guidance for people is odd (this is what one of my clients said as she was afraid not to be accepted by her family). An engineer doing the same is odd, LOL, that is me. I just saw a funny movie Evan Almighty that portrays how hard is to follow your purpose and how wired you look in the eyes of the others. I invite you to watch it as behind the crazy plot there are a lot of lessons. So because it is so hard to declare it then we feel is better to pretend we don’t know our purpose and say we need to find it.
  2. We will be happy to follow our purpose if others understood and confirmed it for us. The truth is that our purpose is so unique to us that most times it does not make much sense to others. It is very hard to express how we feel about it so others understand. When I registered for coaching certification course it made no logical sense. At that time I was engineering manager aspiring director in a big company. I asked my best friend if I should take the course because it was also pricy. Luckily she told me to go for it, she knows me since we were 10 years old and we are connected at a very deep level. I wonder what I would have done if she told me I was silly. I’m happy when I am the coach for people who need this confirmation.
  3. If we feel we need to find our purpose we get repetitive messages that will direct us on our path. If we don’t listen we get louder messages or sometimes we get in trouble where we are, for example burning out in our corporate job. Just recently I repeatedly heard the call to take energy healing courses. I don’t have a clear idea why exactly I need this as I am very happy coaching. Then I noticed something interesting, most of my new clients are entrepreneurs who want to combine intuition and psychic skills in their business.
  4. Our soul is longing to do what we came here to do and you will never feel fully satisfied unless you work in the direction of your purpose. When you feel you have a good job but something is missing it’s probably because your purpose is calling you somewhere else. Not everybody’s purpose is to change the world or to heal others or to teach wide audiences. Some have the purpose to love and nurture their family and that is as important as changing the world because they actually do. Some of us do have a calling that requires us to establish a purpose driven business, show-up and lead the way for others. We are the people who sometimes struggle with feelings of unworthiness but if we stay connected with our purpose the fulfillment is really greater than the struggle.
  5. Our purpose is not definite, it evolves in time. I knew for example for a long time that I am supposed to be a guide and a teacher leading people into their power. At first I was a leader in corporate, leading my staff to progress in their career and achieve more. Now I coach and I aim to empower my clients. Later I might be a teacher inspiring from a stage. Do not wait until you know very clearly your ultimate purpose because it might never happen, take the step that is right in front of you this will lead you to your next step… so on and so forth. Actually if we knew our purpose and how grand it is we will be so scared that we will not even start. I tell my clients that Mother Theresa did not know how many followers and how many houses will build and how many people she will succeed to help. If she knew that in the first day she would have been probably very scared. She started with helping one person, doing small things with great love, as she thought us, and little by little she was lead deeper and deeper into her purpose.

Wow I have at least 3 more points to share about purpose but I want to give you time to assimilate those ones s0 I am going to leave the rest for the next blog.

Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:

Think about your purpose, do you know it? Do you declare it? Do you see it evolve? 

Is there anything standing in your way of being fully committed to your purpose? What is that? Please comment below. If you wish I can pull a “Life Purpose” card for you. Share about your purpose, ask me a question and I will.




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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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