How is Your Business Affected when You are Not Authentic, Empowered and Connected?

Authentic, Empowered, Connected to THRIVE in Business

Being Authentic, Empowered and Connected is twice as important when we are in business for ourselves because we are our business. What happens when we do not live according to these ideas? We are unhappy, frustrated, resentful, burned out... 

How is your business affected when you are not being Authentic?

  • You might be in the wrong business or career because you want to please someone else.
  • You might be close to burn out because you put a lot of effort into doing things you are not skilled at.
  • You might be not following your purpose because you don’t really know what your purpose is.
  • You might think you are not qualified to do your purpose.
  • You might think you cannot THRIVE while doing what you really enjoy doing.

How is your business affected when you are not being Empowered?

  • You look at your clients for approval and this might damage your relationship.
  • Relationships strain because you might expect your partners and team members to read your mind rather than setting clear expectations.
  • Procrastination being overwhelmed by fears and indecision.
  • You might not have the courage to ask for what you are worth therefore your business cannot grow.

Finally, not being Connected affects your business in various ways:

  • You might make wrong choices when you don’t listen to your feelings and higher power guidance.
  • You burn out and need sick leave when you don’t listen to your body.
  • You will not succeed in a way that is sustainable and fulfilling if you are not connected with others in a team effort – giving and receiving.


Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:   

Do you feel overwhelmed or burned out? Look at the list above and identify 3 elements that are true for you. How can you turn those around?

I would love to hear from you, please comment below.



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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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