How not to be afraid of marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the means by which a business communicates to, connects with, and engages its target audience to convey the value of and ultimately sell its products and services.  With social media and technology innovations, marketing has become more about building deeper, more meaningful and lasting relationships with your audience that they want to buy your products and services. This is an incredible opportunity. Adapted from Julie Barile – Vice President of eCommerce, Fairway Market

Why we fear Marketing?

We fear talking about our services and offering our services because as humans we have some fears such as: fear of rejection, fear of criticism, fear of not being good enough, fear of not knowing enough, fear of not being ready or fully healed, fear of not having all the answers, fear of being pushy like a used car salesmen,  etc.

When we are in our ego we fear marketing. In order to overcome this, we need to shift our focus from us to the potential client because when we focus on being of service to others our desire to help becomes prevalent and which helps us to easily talk about our service.

How to love Marketing?

In order to love marketing your service, you need to fist love your service. To love your service, know the benefits it gives to your clients well. Review how it had helped you, read your testimonials and the case studies of your past clients to remind yourself of the value of what you offer.

Secondly you need to get in touch with your desire to help. Remember some of the people that were so thankful to you for “saving their lives”. Love people enough to transcend your fears and present what you have to offer well. Enjoy listening to the show here.

Next Week’s Episode

Release the Fears of Receiving Money for Your Service

Tune in to learn how to easily accept money for your service. Selling a service seems harder than selling a product because it’s as if you have to sell “you”. When you combine this with not feeling worthy and deserving money, selling becomes almost impossible.  We will talk about releasing those fears, making the sale, relieving money pressure so you can receive money with an open heart. Spirit wants you to thrive.

Looking forward to receive news from you, a few words about the radio show if you are listening to it, and to be with you live again Wednesday Feb 22 at 11am ET. Call in with your questions during the show at 866-472-5788.





Release the Fears of Receiving Money for Your Serv...
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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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