How Seeking Enlightenment Helps Your Business Thrive

Did you know that there is a path to enlightenment through entrepreneurship? I have discovered this over the years while coaching purpose driven entrepreneurs to THRIVE in Business.

You see, what is happening in your business is a very good indicator of your state of enlightenment. When you are in a state of enlightenment, customers and opportunities come to you and business is great, when you are not, you work hard and the results are not quite showing.

Being in a state of enlightenment means to have transcended your ego and your fears, and to fully accept that you are a spiritual being having come into this life with an important purpose.

So how seeking enlightenment helps your business thrive?

(1) Discover your purpose and set up your business to match it.

For our business to grow we need to stand out from the competition.

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal.

Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” ― Maya Angelou

When you set-up your business, or as you grow it, when you tweak your offering, the more you align it with your purpose, the easier will be for you to succeed.

Over my years as a coach, I’ve seen people setting up their business by looking at their mentors or at other successful business and copying what they see, only to realise that the model does not quite work for them. For example someone studied to become real estate agent because he saw his neighbour making a good living doing that and he thought it’s a good idea, only to discover it’s hard for him to make any money in that particular business.

When the business does not quite work, some people try harder, they go rushing to learn from yet another expert, another mentor, another system. My discovery is that our business (what we do and how we do it) is uniquely us, and the answer to what business model will work for you, is inside of you.

Aske yourself those questions: What do you like to do? What comes easy to you? What are your skills, tendencies, experiences? What do you care about? Where would you like to make a difference? What do you feel your purpose is?

By answering those questions, by knowing the authentic you, you can determine your unique way of doing what you are doing and setting up your business. This is how you find your niche, your groove and your way to thrive.

(2) Transcend your ego and your fears and tell everyone about your offer.

For our business to grow people need to know about us.

Standing up and standing out feels hard when we are in our ego. We are comparing, criticizing, we are thinking that we are not enough. When we transcend our ego and empower ourselves, we focus on providing a service for the people who will ultimately benefit from it. When we don’t make it about us, when we focus on the plain desire to help, it becomes easy.

A key component is to practice non-attachment to the outcome of our offer. When we have the awareness that we are no one’s saviour, they are their own and they have a free choice to take action or not, that knowledge makes speaking about our services and products easier.

When you have to present your business at the next networking event, observe yourself. Are you self conscious or are you enthusiastically sharing about your business, knowing that maybe someone in the audience needs your product or service?

By focusing on helping, it becomes less about you being rejected allowing you to show up more, talk up more and as a result see your business thrive.

(3) Feel your connection with the Universe and make great business decisions.

For our business to grow, we need a team to support us.

When we are in our ego, we feel disconnected, alone, sometimes overwhelmed - we find ourselves working hard and struggling. In this state, usually business is hard and we are not as open to opportunities and new clients.

Practicing connecting with the Universe, Nature, God or however you call the higher power, we start to feel a sense of relief, a sense that we are not alone. We are guided, we are helped, we are protected.

Noticing the signs helps you find the easy path. It is like climbing the mountain with a guide, it is so much easier instead of you doing all the work alone, wondering if you are lost, wondering if you have time to find a safe place before the night falls.

All that happens around you is guiding you if you pay attention. For example, the other day I walked the labyrinth and when I got to the center I asked for a sign. I saw an ant passing by, then another one. I looked up what ant totem means and it means patience. I was in a state of impatience and frustration since my website was not working. I calmed down and soon after we found a solution.

“Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves you.” - Anthony Robbins

Another example, I was crossing the border to go to a meeting at a business school that I am attending in the United States, when I was stopped and asked questions for about 2 hours. I managed my state and I survived the questioning but after I left there I was quite annoyed. As I have created the habit, I kept asking the question - what is the purpose of this event? What do I need to learn from this? How does this serve me?

As we were driving along, the idea came to me; this is because I need to create similar opportunities for entrepreneurs in Canada, in Toronto’s vicinity. We need something local so there is no need to travel far and no need to cross the border. This was the moment when Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy was born in my mind and now it’s a reality. If I had continued to remain in a state of frustration, I would have missed a wonderful gift that is changing my life and allows me to serve my clients in amazing ways!

When something happens you didn’t expect, ask yourself - is there a blessing here, a sign, something for me to consider?

By focusing on what is happening around you, being flexible to change course if necessary, by feeling connected and supported you will make great business decisions and your business will thrive.

Therefore to THRIVE in Business requires knowing yourself really well, aligning your business with your purpose, having a strong desire to serve and following the signs.

Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:

Check to see what area are you already mastering and where do you need to align more. (1) Is your business alligned with your purpose?

(2) Are your ego and your fears in check?

(3) Do you feel connected with the Universe?

Please share in the comments below. I am curious to read about where you are. I will respond to your comment and share my observations.


Blessings to you,



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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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