How To Create a Vision Board that Works for You

How to create your Vision Board?

There are 2 movies that will greatly help you with creating your Vision Board: "The Bucket List” and "The Secret”.

To start use a cork board (bulletin board) size at least 17”X23”. The reason I recommend a cork board and not another medium is because a Vision Board is not set for life but is ever-changing. We need to be able to take off the things we achieved and put new ones in place. Also as we progress through life we change our desires and some of our priorities change. We have to be able to incorporate also the new ideas that come to us. Therefore using a cork board gives this flexibility.

Beside a cork board other required materials are: push pins, scissors, a star or something similar to write your name on it, index cards.

Then of course you need pictures, pictures that represent what you might want to achieve, places you want to visit, hobbies, relationships, personal development goals, financial goals, family life, home, spirituality, etc.

In the Video Instructions I give you my Strategies for Picture placement and I also give you my secrets for adding some pictures that will make you Vision Board work for you.

You will also need some affirmations; those are reminders of how you would like to live life. One of the affirmations on my Vision Board is “People who live extraordinary lives are willing to do what ordinary people are not”. This affirmation reminds me that if I want an extraordinary life (which I really do) I need to be willing to do things even when I don’t feel like or when I have some fear and need to take some risks.

The Vision Board you create will be your reminder for your dreams, will be your accountability to move forward and will make it easy for you to take action.

Your Vision Board is Magic.

There is the saying “you cannot hit a target you cannot see” and that translates to “you cannot achieve something you don’t visualize”, or “you cannot achieve something you don’t desire”.

The Vision Board is a magical tool and once you create it, will put the whole world in motion to bring you in contact with resources, people and events that match your desires. Many times my clients report instant manifestation of something they only thought about when creating their Vision Board; sometimes they immediately find a solution to something they just placed on the Vision Board. I intend that for you too. 

Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:

Create Your Vision Board now or if you already have one, use some of the points above and refresh it. If you would like my step-by-step guidance Sign Up here and you get Video Instructions and Workbook as well as a chance to join the Strategic Achievement FB group where we share thoughts and pictures about the Vision Board so everyone’s experience is enhanced.

Please share below:

  • What have you found useful in creating a Vision Board?
  • What have you found difficult or feel it’s not working with the Vision Boards? 
  • Ask any question that might help you create a Vision Board and I will be happy to answer and support you. 





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