How to release the fear of success

How to release the fear of success

Let’s assume you feel stuck at the level you are, you feel you would like more, you could do more but not much is changing. It could be that you don’t have the courage, the self confidence or the determination to move forward. One day let’s say, you wake up and ask the question:

What do I need to know to release fear of success and move forward to my destiny?

Here is the guidance for you:

1) The problem – not loving yourself enough

The reason for staying stuck at the same level for a long time is that somehow in your subconscious mind you believe you don’t deserve more. The problem is that you don’t love yourself enough to do whatever it takes to move forward, if you are missing some information to research it, if you need support to ask for it, if you need guidance to find a mentor.

Action: Decide that you deserve the best and that you love yourself enough to give yourself permission to grow.

2) Your feelings – not seeing the magic in life

When you feel stuck, your mood is usually down because you don’t see how many things do work well in your life. How many synchronicities put you in touch with opportunities that you can say yes to, and change your situation.

Action: Think about the last week and find at least three magical moments and feel gratitude for them in your heart.

3) First step to take – celebrate your achievements

To make any change, you first need to lift your mood. We cannot attract positive things with a negative attitude, when we are frustrated, impatient, resentful or angry. In general what keeps us stuck at the level we are is a dissatisfaction with our performance. As high achievers we have a hard time to celebrate our achievements because we feel we could have done more, right? The first step to take then is to celebrate your achievements.

Action: Take a piece of paper and think about where you were last year at the same time. Remember what you were dreaming about as if you are at that time. Then write down all of the things you accomplished since and celebrate each one.

4) External influences – great intuitive insights

When we feel stuck it is wise to seek external support. Unfortunately we are tempted to seek support from other people. Other people though might not be in tune with what is in our highest good or what our purpose and destiny is and most provide advice based on their experiences or even their fears. This is why the best external influence to seek is your intuition and your connection to spirit.

Action: Ground yourself by having both feet on the ground and taking a few deep, slow breaths. Then connect yourself with “all that is” by bringing your awareness on the top of your head. When you feel centered ask “what actions do I need to take?”

5) The turning point – Release feelings of regret, guilt and worry

Ok, so now you got some insights about of what actions to take and maybe you were aware of those actions before. You might feel some regret for not taking them earlier or some guilt for having procrastinated. Or if those actions are something new, out of your comfort zone, you might start to worry about them.

Action: Bring any regret, guilt or worry to your awareness and tell to yourself “I am willing to release all regret, guilt or worry so I can move forward with ease”. Stay with this affirmation until you feel you released the feeling of regret, guilt or worry. If you feel necessary you can go for a walk, connect with nature, have a fire ceremony or any other ceremony that helps you release those heavy feelings.

6) Possible obstacle – having your material needs met

The possible obstacle for you moving forward to your next level and ultimately your destiny is that you are having your material needs met. Maybe you work at a job and have a satisfactory paycheck, or maybe you make enough money from your business to make ends meet or you have some retirement funds that make you feel secure. Following your purpose is not about money though, is about you becoming the best version of yourself that you can be, it’s about using your gifts to serve humanity, it’s about being deeply fulfilled.

Action: Write down why is important to you to go to your next level? Maybe you want to inspire your kids, maybe you want to heal your family, maybe you care deeply about a social issue and you want to advocate for it. Whatever is your reason, other than money it will sure help you move forward.

7) Lesson – stay strong and committed

The lesson in overcoming the fear of success is about staying strong and committed to your vision. I meet some people who stay stuck at the same level because they say they don’t know what their purpose is. Deep down they have an idea but at the first sign of difficulty or disagreement by others they give up on it.

Action: No matter how faint is your idea about what your purpose is, make a commitment to yourself to stay strong in the face of any disapproval from others.

8) Steps to make the situation better – stay focused

In order to get unstuck and make progress towards your destiny stay focused on your vision. The best way I know to keep your focus day in and day out is to create a Vision Board and to keep it visible in your working space.

Action: Create your Vision Board and look at it every day. I recommend you chose one of the pictures or affirmations and include them in your daily mediation. (If you don’t have my vision board course yet please let me know and I will make it available to you).

9) Outcome – keep your eyes on the big picture and genuinely want to help others

In order to move forward you need to keep your eyes on the big picture and even if you don’t know exactly how everything will unfold just take the next logical step. Another important factor to keep you going, is to genuinely want to help others, to serve with your skills. This is important to remember especially when you get rejections, if you can drop your ego and focus on service, you will succeed.

Action: Think of some possible clients you could serve, people who maybe expressed interest to work with you but then they declined your services. Identify 5 to 7 of those potential clients then send them a note from your heart.

You are finally free to attract abundance! Expect Miracles!

Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:

Let me know how it goes. Share with me in the comments section bellow. 




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