How was your relationship with your father?

This past weekend I hosted the Reinvent Your Business Retreat in person in Oakville, ON. The second day was December 10 and it was my late father’s birthday. I was guided to have the Retreat on this day although many told me it’s not a good idea to have events in December when people are busy with the holidays.

As the Retreat approached, I got intuitive messages that I need to perform a Father Healing Ceremony, so I did. This little write up is for you to understand how the relationship with your father affects your business and your life.

The Father is the Provider and the Protector. If you have troubles providing for yourself, that is making money, having a good income and keeping money in the bank, this can indicate a need to heal father related issues. If you have trouble protecting yourself, that is setting healthy boundaries, not having people in your life who take advantage of you, not allowing bullies into your life or intimidating you, this can indicate a need to heal.

You as an adult have the duty to provide and protect yourself and if you cannot do it, or if you self-sabotage your efforts, healing is needed.

My relationship with my father was an intense one. He drank a lot and was violent under the influence of alcohol. I was the one who stood up to him to defend my mother and my little brother and I got beaten many times in the process. Black eye and being thrown on the stairs to sleep outside was common occurrence in my teens years.

My father had an important job, made good money and provided for us. I’ve never had trouble providing for myself. Because of his abusive nature though I did have trouble protecting myself. I was able to protect myself physically but not emotionally.  I was bullied and few times this was taken to the extreme when a group ganged up against me trying to hurt my well-being.

I also used to attract people who took advantage of my kindness. Although they promised to give me something in exchange I was left empty handed. I had to be the one to end the relationship and I still felt guilty. This makes sense, when I remember how my father was; he used to promise me things or that he will take care of an important paper I needed for school for example and then he forgot day after day. He would promise, and not deliver. He never said no, he felt like a nice person but let me down. Because we are naive as kids, I kept hopping that he would.

How was your relationship with your father? Did he provided for you? Did he protect you? Are you providing for yourself? Are you protecting yourself? Those are good questions to explore and see if more healing is needed. I participated in numerous healing ceremonies, and expressed forgiveness towards my father. Every time going deeper and deeper.

I’m just realizing now that my father died when the first group activity against me was taking place and as I was remembering 7 years from his passing when the second group attack happened. Oh, those patterns that keep repeating over and over until we learn, until we heal, until we integrate.

At the Retreat we did the general circle healing but I had a feeling that we were not complete. This is when a participant who’s father left when she was a little baby stepped forth for a healing and it was intense. She forgave her father, released him from his duties and claimed her power back to provide and protect herself. The second day when we did the business content she decided to not accept "no shows" in her business anymore. It was amazing to see the difference claiming her power back made on her.


If you are in need of father healing I’m offering some sessions between now and Jan 5. I’ve never offered healing sessions on their own before but now I feel called to do it. If this article stirs something in you, reserve your healing session.





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