Pricing your Service Right

What is the right way to price your service is one of the most asked question in the business world. Here are some insights:

How you establish your prices is a business decision.

There is a misconception that says “charge your worth” I disagree. Your worth cannot be measured and it is actually priceless. How you establish your prices is a business decision. It a positioning strategy too and it has to fit the clients whom you want to attract. As you start, your prices need to be lower so you get clients and build up your reputation, then you can increase your prices. Pricing your service depends on what business you are in, what stage your business is at and what your circumstances.

Important: You have to be the first one who buys your service. If you think it is too expensive, you will not be able to sell it to anyone else. 

Relieve the financial pressure so you can make the sale.

No matter what we price our service, when we are desperate for money we cannot attract clients. Somehow they sense that desperate energy and they stay away. The strategy I applied a while back and I share with my clients, is to relieve that financial pressure somehow.

Here are some options:

It is important to stay true to your purpose and not let fear of not sawing money dissuade you.

here to listen to the show and learn more about pricing your services in a way that feels good. I also shared my story about staying true to my purpose when it was not an easy decision.

If you would like to know more about how to price your service, comment bellow. I’d love to answer your questions.




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