1) Monitor what is happening in your business and adapt accordingly

You cannot navigate if you don’t know what is happening in your business. Are you making money? Is this month or this quarter better then the last? Is the effort you put in going to an event giving you a return? Is your number of followers growing, number of clients, number of website hits, number of leads? Without knowing what works and what doesn’t you keep doing the same thing or work harder maybe on the thing that does not produce results instead of working on what produces results.


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2) Keep the 3 rules of business in front of you

 “Don’t lose money” “Make Money” “Have Cash Flow”

The first rule of business is to not lose money, second one is to make money. This is simple still somehow in the world of people wanting to follow their purpose, being of service to clients, the meaning of business is lost. You set up a business to make money.


Let me know in the comments what are your takeaways or questions.





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