Strategies to achieve your goals with ease

Why is it that some people achieve more and others feel overwhelm or procrastinate? I believe with the right strategies everyone can achieve a higher level of success, fulfillment and as a result inner peace. With the right strategies taking action becomes easier, getting out of the bed becomes easier, stepping into the unknown becomes easier.

I’d like to share with you some strategies I have tested and perfected over the years, they helped me achieve many of my ambitious goals.

1. Organize your calendar to achieve many goals while avoiding overwhelm.

People say, I would do this but I don’t have time. I know someone who said going to University will take too long. That was 15 years ago and the person is unemployed for the last 7 years.

On the other hand there are people who over commit, they say yes to many committees, boards, courses, clients, friends, family and as a result they get overwhelmed.

When you think about, Mother Theresa and Einstein had the same amount of time like you and I, 24 hours in a day. How did they achieve all of the great things they did? The answer is simple they used their time efficiently and they had a single focus, they knew their purpose.

2. Set goals in every area of your life, put them into Your Goals Table and keep it visible.

I have seen ambitious people setting up business or career goals and they go for it with all their might but after a while their energy gets depleted and they slow down as if in a movie that runs in slow motion. I have done this too. 

It is important to set goals in every area of your life and put an emphasis into the area that feels the worst because that will slow down your achievement in another area if not making it impossible alltoghether.

3. Your Vision Board is magic and together with Your Bucket List will give you reasons to keep going.

There is the saying “you cannot hit a target you cannot see” and that translates to “you cannot achieve something you don’t visualize”, or “you cannot achieve something you don’t desire”.

When you add things on your Bucket List you are declaring that you are desiring those things and as a result you are already on your way of getting them. Going to Florida was on my bucket list and when my business mentor invited us there it was much easier to make it happen because I already had the necessary information.

The Vision Board is a magical tool and once you create it, will put the whole world in motion to bring you in contact with resources, people and events that match your desires. Many times my clients report that on their way home from the Vision Board workshop they already found a solution to something they just placed on the Vision Board.

4. Assessing your Resources, what you have and what you need for success.

Maybe I dream to become a ballerina, wouldn't that be a waste of time and create a lot of frustration? Why, because I am at the age when ballerinas retire, I also don’t have patience to repeat over and over the same move – I am just not wired that way. I actually do not enjoy learning steps and choreography, when I dance I like to be free to express what I feel in the moment.

The point of this strategy is to understand what you are good at, how you are wired and what would appeal to you in terms of your desires. Also find out what you do not like to do or what is difficult for you to do, and then find people who can provide that skill. To stretch my analogy with the ballerina – let’s say I really dream about ballet I feel drawn to do something in this area. Knowing that I myself cannot be a ballerina because of the reasons stated above and knowing my actual strengths I will be much better suited to coach ballerinas to gain clarity, confidence and ease in achieving their goals. Makes sense?

5. Your Self Empowerment Statement and Your Mind Movie will program your mind for achievement.

To achieve anything you need confidence, right? Without having confidence getting something done feels like an uphill battle. Probably you have the voices in your head that remind you of your shortcomings and the last time when you tried and it did not work. So how do you build your confidence when the voices keep at you. The strategy I recommend is to create your very own self-empowerment statement and repeat it to yourself over and over. I recommend recording this in your own voice. In time your kind voice will be louder than the other voices in your head and your confidence will increase.

The Mind Movie is your Vision Board in action with some music and your voice added to it. This is a tool that also programs your mind, keeps you motivated and emotionally engaged to achieve your dreams with ease.

Those are the top strategies I use for myself and with my clients and I have seen them work.


Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:

Are there any goals you tried to achieve but you could not? Could any of the strategies presented here help you achieve them? 

Please comment and ask questions below.




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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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