The Body, Mind, Emotion and Soul Connection

How to explain in a short blog the body, mind, emotion and soul connection? I included a video from the last week group coaching session when we were discussing the very subject. The session was about connection with a higher power, part of the third building block in my Authentic, Empowered, Connected - 9 Step Personal Transformation Process. 

CONNECTED means you live in the present moment, aware of yourself, in touch with a higher power and at the same time available to the people around.

My explanation of how we are all one is simple and easy to understand. It was an impromtu answer to a participant 's question. Watch the 5 minutes video here:

In a nutshel this is what I believe about the connection between the body, mind, emmotion and soul:

Your Body is a Sacred Temple. Take care of the temple and your Soul will be comfortable living there.

 Your Mind is like a Powerful River. Learn to guide it to produce the energy your Soul needs to accomplish its purpose.

 Your Emotions are your Guiding System. Learn to read the signs so your Soul can guide you to comfort and peace.

 Your Soul is within You to animate your Body, to guide you with Emotions, to serve a Purpose and to experience the miracle called LIFE. 

Your assignment to THRIVE

Check the connection between your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Do those parts of yourself seem to work toghether? Post a comment bellow to let me know what you have discoverd.









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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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