What To Do When They Said NO?

What To Do When They Said NO?

You connected with a potential client, understood their needs, you felt aligned with them, you talked about your offer and they said “no” (or some excuse or avoidance tactic that means the same thing). What do you do?

1) First, assess what type of “no” this is.

Is this a “no” you can understand? Is the person going to meet their needs in another way? Then that’s OK and you got to let it go. Give yourself a pat on the back because maybe you showing up in their life clarified something for them and helped them move forward.


Is this a “no” that comes from their fear of the unknown, fear of success, fear of failure because they are not confident enough, or fear of making a fool of themselves because they don’t know exactly what they want and how to do it before they hire you? (Once in a while someone says to me, let me figure out my purpose and what business I want to start, then I will come work with you. Why? This is what I do. I connect people with their purpose and I use my experience, strategies and intuition to help them figure out their uniqueness and how they can set up a thriving business.) If their “no” comes from their fears then proceed to the next step.

2) Second, check your ego and your fears.

Here’s my story related to this. Years and years ago, I used to not take “no” for an answer. I did not even hear the sound of “no” and I kept on helping the person regardless.

Do you know the joke about little Johnny who goes to jail? They call his mother to pick him up. She asks, “what did you do Johnny?” He says: “I helped an old lady cross the street.” His mother says: “well that’s a nice gesture, but why did they put you in here?” The policeman says, “because the lady did not want to cross the street.”

The same happened with me, I helped people cross the street but they had no intention in going in that direction. So I was told to stop it, and I did.

Later in my coaching practice I found that this was much clearer because people hired me specifically to help them achieve ”crossing the street”, if you may. I was happy. I felt protected and safe.

Except that the Universe had another plan and recently sent me quite a few people who want to cross the street. Even though the light is green, they are not proceeding. Some stare in the distance paralyzed by fear. Some are keeping very busy, thinking they are going places but are just pacing up and down the same street. And then there are those who keep their head in the sand not even noticing that there is a street to be crossed. I know all those people can be much happier and at peace if they get to cross the street because I know what’s around the corner. I walked that path -- that’s why. So, I’m asking the Universe, what do I do now?

Yesterday I had a vision, a real vision from the Angels, and then I received the same message through Angel cards, one jumped out last night and two more this morning to reinforce the message. In the vision I was freeing people from prisons. The vision appeared to me like an old movie scene where I was courageous, and I escaped the many dangers in my path and now I came back to open all prison cells, freeing the people inside.

The Angel card last night was “True” and this morning I got “Speak Your Truth” and “Love”. I am called to let go of the fear of taking a stand for people who could be free. Interestingly my book's title is “Becoming Truly Free” and freedom is my top value. So I am called to express myself freely and share the truth I see with my potential clients, even if they have said “no”. I need to free myself of the past’s story and again become an advocate for what is possible, for a life of freedom, where we follow our own path and learn to thrive.

3) Third, take a stand for your potential client.

This is what I’d like you to remember when your potential client says “no” and you clearly see that hey keep themselves stuck because of the fear of success, fear of failure or paradoxically sometimes both. You cannot just walk away with a bruised ego because you feel rejected or because of your own fears.

For us who are determined to follow our purpose and serve the greater good, we want to come from love, to transcend our ego and our fears. We are called to tell the truth the way we are seeing it. We have expertise; we cannot omit to share what we know to be true, if we are to stay in our integrity. We need to take a stand for our potential client.

I know what you might think (I did too at first). You might think but is this not being pushy, salesy? Your desire to put your ego aside, to detach from the outcome and to let love speak though you will ensure that you are not perceived as such because you are not. Stay connected with your potential client in your core and in your heart and they will feel this connection. In the end pray for them to be guided to the best outcome for their highest good, and step aside, you did your work.

Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:

I challenge you to look at 3 potential clients who said no to your service recently. Go through the 3 steps, identify if their “no” was because of fear. Check your ego and your fears then reach out to them with love in your heart and take a stand for them. You never know but sometimes you might just save someone’s life.

Let me know how it goes. Share in the comments below.




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