Why do we have a body

Last weekend I attended the “I CAN DO IT” conference in Toronto. This was my 4th time and I thought it might be a little, you know, déjà vu, but, no, far from that. I was familiar with most authors and their work but I loved to hear their message again, maybe presented in a new way. A big joy for being there came from sharing this event with a few of my clients. I was thinking, yes, she would like to hear this..oh, this is so good for her… I loved the energy of it all!

One of my clients wrote me "I Had a fabulous time at the "I Can Do It" conference...what amazing speakers. It was great to be able to hear them reinforce the concepts and ideas you have taught me throughout our coaching sessions." This made me especially proud since I heard it yet from another client of mine.

The most important message I came away with, and honestly a new realization for me is the reason for which we have a body.

In the 7th step of my course, The Authentic, Empowered, Connected - 9 Step Personal Transformation Process TM, I teach the importance of connecting with our body. But honestly, until now I was not totally clear why we even have a body.

Few days after the conference it became clear to me – our body is the greatest gift we have in this life. This clarity came from combining the messages of several speakers.

The most influential was Anita Moorjani the author of the book "Dying to be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing" describing her true story of miraculous recovery. She said that when she came back from being on the other side she asked for chocolate. She realized that while we are alive we are to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Second was Doreen Virtue with whom I spent a full day in the workshop Certified Angel Card Reader. She said that our body is the best divination tool if we listen to how we feel. More clarity came from her book that I devoured since then “Assertiveness for Earth Angels” where she says: “Earth Angels are needed in human bodies because people only listen to other people.” When they are sent down here they are told “Earth gives you the opportunity to learn and grow and heal any fears that you held previously. On this plane you have the opportunity to feel deeply both physically and emotionally.”

So here is my conclusion:

We are searching for inner peace and spiritual advancement and we learn meditating. This is spending time high above. We spend an enormous amount of time learning new concepts going through school, courses, solving problems, therefore living a lot in our minds. I wonder, how much time do we actually spend in our body.

If we could achieve everything from a spiritual plane we would not have come here on Earth. We need this body that is able to move, to talk and to sense. We need this body in order to expand and to learn.

I concluded that meditating is useful, praying is useful, learning new concepts and theory is useful but getting out there in the world and experiencing is huge. Learning through feeling might be more important than learning through memorizing. In fact Joe Dispenza another Hay House favourite author said that body has memory.

The body is our vehicle; it is our tool to change the world through our deeds and through our words. I meditated on this and I imagined how frustrating it would be if you were not able to caress a loved one's cheek or to give him a hug because you didn't have a body. How frustrating would be if you wanted to impart knowledge and people could not hear you because you couldn't use words.

I cannot say that I know for sure what is on the other side but I decided that as long as I live in this body I want to enjoy all my senses.

I will enjoy the colours of the rainbow, sunsets and looking into people’s eyes. I will see the beauty of the trees, the birds and animals. I will admire the beauty of the snow and the beauty of the flowers.

I will enjoy how good the waves feel on my skin or the wind blowing though my hair. How my skin delights at the touch of a loved one.

I will taste the chocolate and savour the good food that nourishes my body.

I will listen to beautiful music and to the voices that enchant me.

I will enjoy the aroma of the fresh soil in the garden or the perfume of the pine forest.

And yes, above all I will continue my life’s purpose in making this world a more peaceful place through sharing what I have learned in my writing and my speaking. I am grateful for these fingers that type these worlds for you to read. I am grateful for your eyes that read this.

Your Strategic Achievement Assignment:  

Take a pen and paper and write down for this week how can you enjoy your 5 senses more?

We hear with our ears

We see with our eyes

We smell with our nose.

We taste with our tongue.

We touch and feel with our skin.

What comes to you? How much time do you spend in your body?  Please comment below.

Until I can give you a hug, sending blessings.






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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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