Strategic Goal Setting

To set goals you first have to ask yourself a few questions about your life and the level of satisfaction with various areas: health and fitness, career and finances, relationships, emotional and self nurturing, spirituality and contribution. My strategy is to have only 3 goals for the next 3 months...
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How To Create a Vision Board that Works for You

How to create your Vision Board? There are 2 movies that will greatly help you with creating your Vision Board: "The Bucket List” and "The Secret”. To start use a cork board (bulletin board) size at least 17”X23”. The reason I recommend a cork board and not another medium is because a Vision Board i...
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Strategic Scheduling

 Ideas for STRATEGIC SCHEDULING Analyze where your time is spent now. You cannot change what you don’t know so start by keeping a log for about 2 weeks to see where your time is spent. Decide what you want to see in your life. Imagine your ideal life, create a Vision Board, connect with your pu...
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How do I know what is my purpose?

In my practice I work with 3 types of entrepreneurs: the ones who transition from a full time corporate job or nother business to their purpose business; the ones who are in their business full time and are looking to make it sustainable; and the ones who have been in their purpose busines...
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How Coaching and Energy Healing work together

To achieve your business goals you need to be aware of what possible holds you back and then do something about it. Entrepreneurs tend to focus most of their energy taking marketing and business courses thinking that this is all they need to grow their business. As an entrepreneur you are the main r...
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Strategies to achieve your goals with ease

Why is it that some people achieve more and others feel overwhelm or procrastinate? I believe with the right strategies everyone can achieve a higher level of success, fulfillment and as a result inner peace. With the right strategies taking action becomes easier, getting out of the bed becomes easi...
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3 Strategies to Overcome Resistance

It has been taking me two days to  start  writing this blog. Instead of writing I am doing other things, jumping from one thing to another, busy work, wasting time on FB, in short I feel some resistance. It’s 10:44 pm now, past my turn off the computer time but I am committed to finish the...
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A Strategy for Boosting Your Confidence

In order to achieve our full potential, follow our purpose and THRIVE we need to feel guided by a higher power. When we are not connected to this higher power our ego, who’s job is to keep us safe, would scare us to death and as a result keep us within the limits of our comfort zone. Whenever we ste...
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5 Steps to Reinvent Yourself!

To expand and progress, you need to stop and reinvent yourself every once in a while. We actually ADAPT ourselves all the time, when we move, when we change jobs, when we get married, when a kid is born, when kids leave home, when we start our business, when we grow our business, when we slow down i...
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3 reasons to go on a retreat

This is the Retreat card meaning from “ Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards ” by Doreen Virtue: “Spend some time alone in quiet thought.  Clear your mind, and focus on your truth and priorities. Are you pushing yourself too hard, beloved child of God?  The angels remind us that rest is a ...
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