5 Strategies to avoid becoming resentful

resentful  (adjective): feeling or expressing bitterness or indignation at having been treated unfairly. To talk about the fact that being resentful is not productive would be a waste of time, we all know this. Then why do we find ourselves resentful so often? A better question actually is: wha...
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Can I make money following my purpose?

Can I make money following my purpose? Answer: YES!  I actually believe it is the only “honest” way to make money. I believe it is the only way that work is truly fulfilling. You might next ask HOW? The answer again is very simple – you go out there and serve the people that need you using your...
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How is Your Business Affected when You are Not Authentic, Empowered and Connected?

Authentic, Empowered, Connected to THRIVE in Business Being Authentic, Empowered and Connected is twice as important when we are in business for ourselves because we are our business. What happens when we do not live according to these ideas? We are unhappy, frustrated, resentful, burned out... ...
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Who Do You Think You Are

Who do you think you are or how to deal with the impostor syndrome. This past weekend I was shooting videos to share my content with the world. This is my biggest offering to date. I was venturing way out of my comfort zone making my work public and widely available. This, of cou...
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15 Ideas to Love Yourself More

The 4th step of  The Authentic, Empowered, Connected - 9 Step Personal Transformation Process  is called – Become a Good Parent to Yourself –which is about learning to love and nurture yourself. The truth is that without you in your life there is no life, without you in your business there...
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Assertiveness means PEACE

The 5th step of my The Authentic, Empowered, Connected - 9 Step Personal Transformation Process  is called  Learn to be Assertive . I have a keen interest in developing assertiveness in myself and teaching about the difference between aggressiveness, passiveness and assertiveness. I j...
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Why do we have a body

Last weekend I attended the  “I CAN DO IT”  conference in Toronto. This was my 4 th  time and I thought it might be a little, you know, déjà vu, but, no, far from that. I was familiar with most authors and their work but I loved to hear their message again, maybe presented in a new wa...
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How to Reinvent Yourself

Reinventing yourself from time to time is necessary if you want to live your life as the best version of yourself -  and who wants to live a mediocre life, right? Sometimes life forces us to reinvent ourselves through undesirable events such as sickness, divorce, becoming empty nesters, losing ...
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Do You Need to Get Close to Nature to Know?


I cried a lot today. When you dream about being close to nature you think about enjoying long walks in the forest, hugging the trees, planting a garden and watching the animals. Today I learned that being close to nature also means understanding the cycle of life and death and the nature of serving ...
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Why we achieve some goals and not others?

Watch the 5 minutes video to see my explanation on how to use pain and pleasure to motivate yourself to achieve goals and enhance your life.     Your Strategic Achievement Assignment: Think of a goal you wanted to achieve last year and you did not. Check if you had enough pain associa...
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