4 Tools to Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

Tool # 1  : Your Goals Table This tool is what the title describes, a table where you write your goals, actions and motivators. Keep this table in a visible spot and revise it often to take off what is done and add new actions. Before you create Your Goals Table you need to set your goals. To s...
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The Body, Mind, Emotion and Soul Connection

How to explain in a short blog the body, mind, emotion and soul connection? I included a video from the last week group coaching session when we were discussing the very subject. The session was about connection with a higher power, part of the third building block in my Authentic, Em...
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The last building block of a THRIVING life is being Connected. I feel that it is actually very easy to connect once you are Authentic and Empowered. My definition for being connected: CONNECTED means that you live in the present moment, aware of yourself, in touch with a higher power and at the same...
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Being EMPOWERED means that you are no longer willing to see yourself as a victim in any way. You can be powerful and gentle simultaneously. There is a lot of talk about leaders empowering others or parents empowering their kids but not too often the question is asked "are you empowering yourself?" T...
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What stands in the way of being AUTHENTIC?

Authenticity is the degree to which you are true to yourself, despite external pressures. It starts with knowing yourself in detail and intimately.  By being AUTHENTIC you are sure to live YOUR life the way you are MEANT to live it. "The Death of Ivan Ilych" by Leo Tolstoy is the story of an ac...
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