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Are you looking for assistance with an aging parent? Don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re not sure about what types of services are available for your loved one in the community? You don’t have to do it alone. I know how tough it can be when you have an aging parent, a family of your own, kids, work and life in general happening all at the same time. It certainly can feel overwhelming. Where does self-care fit into this equitation?  Some may say taking care of me is a luxury I can’t afford right now.  I would say taking time for you is essential to being a care giver. We need to fuel up to have the energy, patience and strength to help others.

Everyone’s situation is different and I can work with you to create a package that would be suitable for your needs. The packages may include the following:

  • One on one counseling sessions to explore what is going on
  • Healing session with Reiki or Theta healing to support your emotional wellbeing
  • Practical advice on how to support your parent i.e. community resources according to your needs
  • Email support in between sessions to help you navigate the information
  • Research and community resources according to you needs
  • Complimentary pass to one of my Live Life Joyously Workshop

My educational background is in Social work specializing in Gerontology and I have been working in the health care field for over 15 years. During this time I have taken many certification courses and seminars for different aspects of health care.  I have the knowledge and expertise to support you on this journey.  I have worked with many seniors and families and I understand how hard it can be on both the care giver as well as the elderly person who needs more care. There are a lot of resources that are available to help make your life easier and support you.  As your loved one ages you may find yourself struggling with what to do next, what decisions need to be made to help your loved one. You may not have the time to do all the research and work that goes along with finding specialized care for your loved one. That is why I decided to offer my services. Working in this field I know where to look, how to help and I can take that stress off your plate. During our time together I will provide you with the emotional support as well as practical support on how to navigate through this time in your life.

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