I’m in transition from a corporate job or another business to my life’s purpose business.

If you are in phase (a) TRANSITION, your focus needs to be in becoming really clear on who you are (your Authentic self), knowing your strengths and how to compensate for your weaknesses and setting up a business that matches your personality. To thrive it's important to have clarity of your purpose and to connect with your WHY, your reason for this business. Working together we will define your uniqueness with my Triple Talent Strategy TM and will create a Strategic Plan on how to go about developing your business.

How to choose the best level of support for you?

If you are in phase (a) TRANSITION you might find that the best level of support is being in:

THRIVE in Business Group Coaching, Masterminding and Networking  

This 12 months package is for people who would like to grow their business at a steady pace and would like to benefit from the energy and accountability of the group work. This is what you will get:

  • Access to your private Membership Site 24/7 where the theory, coaching questions and resources are organized for you. This gives you access from anywhere in the world. There you have THRIVE in Business: Authentic, Empowered, Connected as well as Business Management Strategies modules.

  • Three group Business Management VIP Days in person or online (1) Clarify your offering, Triple Talent Strategy, Strategic Planning and Goal Setting (2) The Esentials of Business Management, Packages and Prices (3) Strategic Team Building, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances

  • Three group Retreats in person or online (1) Reinvent Yourself and Your Business (2) Becoming Truly Free (3) Manifesting Abundance

  • Access to 15 live Q&A group coaching calls with me and 5 webinars with me or other industry leaders on topics related to thriving in business or spirituality

  • One Year Membership in Entrepreneur Enlightenment Network, a FB group where Academy members support each other to grow their business with ease plus the option to list your business on EEA Website.

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