Becoming Truly Free Online Retreat

Becoming Truly Free Online Retreat

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  • Becoming Truly Free Online Retreat


    During this online journey you will be guided to freedom and fulfillment. The online Retreat contains 15 lessons with video recordings and introspective questions.  The journey is guided by Irina with live interaction in the FB group, and two live calls where you can ask questins and discuss your insignts. Each call ends with a healing meditation so you can find inner peace.


Dear Free Spirit,

Being around thousand of entrepreneurs I have seen firsthand that business strategy alone doesn't guarantee success and the best laid out plans fail because of self sabotage patterns from an unhealed past.

Have you been wanting to move forward with your business but somehow what you do doesn't seem to work the way you want it? Do you have a tendency to be hard on yourself? Are you frustrated or even angry with some people in your life?

If you have suffered abuse or you grew up in less than desirable conditions this Retreat is for you. We will go deep to heal past wounds and free yourself. If you feel tired and need to energize your business, this Retreat is for you.

If you are ready for more, if you know you can do more, be more and create more, join us. If you need more joy in your life, taking this journey will help you regain that.

  • Retreat Agenda


    Becoming Truly Free Retreat is based on what I discovered on my journey from abuse to spirituality, healing and purpose. To guide your healing I am reading chapters from my upcoming memoir with the same title. This will invite you on your own journey to free yourself from the past. Becoming truly free means releasing self-sabotaging patterns inherited from parents and society.

    First, I will guide you to let go of the need to prove yourself because you are enough.

    Second, you will be investigating past pain, grieve it and release it. We will do a healing meditation together on the first live call.

    Third, you will be letting go of the responsibilities that are not yours and regain your joy and innocence.

    The fourth step will be about letting go of fears and learning how to protect yourself so you feel safe. This means making more money in your business and keeping more money. It means doing what it takes to take care of you,\nurturing yourself.

    Fifth you will let go of the struggle and confusion. You will feel free to move forward with much more confidence and empowerment. You will decide on what actions to take to move forward with your business goals. You will commit to outcomes and create accountability within the group.

    Be prepared to go deep into introspection, journal, receive support from me and the group as you explore your past, connect with your emotions and release what is holding you back.

    Disclaimer: this is not meant to be therapy or replace therapy. If you are under the care of a therapist it is best to ask for the feasibility of participating in something like this that might steer some deep emotions. Please proceed with care.

  • What is included in the 15 lessons:

    Becoming Truly Free framework  - presentation to a live audience

    How to Feel Worthy - recorded webinar, length 83 minutes

    Free Yourself from Past Abuse recorded webinar, length 73 minutes. Includes healing intervention for a caller who was born a surprise twin and she felt unwanted. You will see her transformation, it is truly miraculous.

    Becoming Truly Free Retreat video recordings to illustrate each step of the journey plus introspective questions.

    Forgiveness Healing Meditation, Irina's personal experience after her husband was bitten by their dog and taken to the hospital. It's very emotional and very healing call.

    Bonus: Two live Q&A Coaching and Healing Calls where Irina will answer your questions, will teach based on your story and will do a healing meditation to support your work. She will walk you by your hand.

    When you finish this journey, it is my intent and vision that you had:

    √ Freed yourself from past issues and are no longer held back,

    Become more empowered and confident in your direction,

    Created ways to feel safe and nourished,

    Gotten clear actions and practical steps you can take to move forward,

    √ Created authentic connections with other purposeful entrepreneurs.

Remember, if you want to have a thriving business, then you have to become free of the past and have inner peace. Think about how your life will be different if you commit to taking this journey.

  • Irina Benedict BSc, PEng Bio

    irina crop white
    Irina Benedict is a Certified Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention Coach and Business Mastery Graduate.
    Her business experience spans over two decades from high tech corporate experience where she developed and grew her department’s business by 600% up to $7M to business coaching for start ups and medium size companies.
    She supports entrepreneurs to establish, energize and expand their business. She is the founder of the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy where through coaching curriculum and community, members are supported in all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey.
    While highly strategic and focused on achieving business goals Irina also goes deep with clients to heal emotional wounds that keep them stuck. Irina is an Angel Guidance and Rainbow Healing Practitioner.
    Working with Irina you can expect to gain clarity, confidence, and ease in growing to your next level in Business. You will become the real boss in your business, have better relationships with people working for you, suppliers and clients. You will feel more fulfilled knowing that you do good for the word and at the same time taking good care of you.

  • What Past Retreat Participants Are Saying

At the beginning of this online Becoming Truly Free journey I wasn't sure how different it would be from our recent retreat.  We had done so much work at the retreat that I didn't really think there would be much more to do.  Well, I was definitely not right about that.
This online retreat gave me the time to really sit back and determine what things I needed to move past, leave behind and no longer continue with down my current path.  The daily modules were thought-provoking and required digging deep to remove the things that were holding me back and acknowledge that I had given my power away to people who were definitely not deserving of it.
I have now dealt with anger, forgiveness, feelings of unworthiness and fear of success.  I feel I am well on the way to being the best me I can be, which in turn will allow me to help my clients on the journey down their path to enlightenment and a better sense of self. Sherry Murphy

This retreat has been a journey.  Initially I was reluctant and did not know how it could be useful to me at this point in time.  However, it was exactly what I needed.  I revisited childhood wounds and patterns and noticed how I was allowing myself to default to these patterns in my current life.  I got a wake-up call that I was blaming the outside for something that I wasn't allowing or taking responsible for in myself.  I wasn't aware that I was using that as an excuse for keeping myself small.  I am truly amazed at the divine timing on this one. Wow. Amanda


Those are the 15 lessons you will be enjoying:

Irina's teachings come from very hard genuine experiences. She was wise enough to get the best out of it and she is here to show us how to manage to  step up in our power for good to welcome the best version of ourselves! Andree Trempe

Irina this was amazing.  I enjoyed your stories. I related to your stories.  I feel truly blessed to be connected to someone like you because you get it. You have a creative mind and are spiritually gifted.  ou have the complete package and are the right person to be supporting me as I execute my plan to help the world.  You have personally contributed to my life because I can feel your belief in me and it means a lot.  I learn from what you share with the group.  Also what I find really unique and intriguing is that you show your own vulnerability in your business which is like a extra extra bonus of learning.  This part is symbolic to me because it shows we are all going through the same process.  We are all on this journey together. Thank you so much Irina, Amanda

Free Yourself!

Be Empowered!

THRIVE in Business!