Entrepreneur Enlightenment

Entrepreneur Enlightenment

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  • Entrepreneur Enlightenment Course

    » 5 Learning Modules guiding you step by step on how to establish your purpose driven business. Even if you had your busienss for a while working therough those modules allows you to alingn your business with your purpose so you can thrive. Each module havs videos, explanations & exercises for you to determine your path forward.

    » 3 Live Calls On-line with Irina for Coaching, Questions & Answers, Healing Meditation and Recording of this calls.

    » 6 months membership in a private FB Group for connection, accountability and support

  • Course Content

  • L#1 The Enlightenment and Entrepreneurship Connection

    Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurship and enlightenment are not mutually exclusive: you can be on a spiritual path and still choose the action-oriented accumulation of wealth. When you align our business with your purpose, it’s easy to pursue both spiritual growth and business success. To expand your business, you have to learn how to transcend your ego and your fears. This brings you into a state of enlightenment.

  • L#2 Align Your Business with Your Purpose

    You will learn to take an inventory of our skills, talents, and experiences to fully understand what your purpose is. If you already know your purpose, you will be able to fine-tune it in this lesson. Through a series of deep-dive questions, we’ll discover how you can ensure your business’ success by aligning it with your purpose.

  • L#3 Find Your Niche to Thrive in Business

    Many entrepreneurs are nervous about narrowing down a niche because they think it will limit their potential opportunities. This is not true! It’s a paradox indeed. Refining your niche will actually help you gain more clients. We’ll discover how you can figure out who the perfect audience is for your purpose-driven business, and how you can really connect with them.

  • L#4 Lead with Client Results and Your Story

    Instead of talking about how you help people, you will learn why promoting the results you offer rather than your methods – the what, rather than the how – is much more effective. Next you will discover how to craft your unique story that helps your niche connect with you. As your website is the entry point into your business, similar to a storefront, we’ll discuss the critical elements of an effective website and how you can tailor it to connect with the heart of your potential client.

  • L#5 Taking the First Steps with Your Purpose-Driven Business

    Creating a purposeful business is no easy task and taking the first few steps can be intimidating. In this lesson you will learn how to start your journey to success. We’ll create a plan to land your first client, and discuss a strategic ways to offer your services for free to attract more paying customers. We’ll also talk about two of the most important elements of entrepreneurship: patience and discipline. Mastering those two aspects will help you achieve an enlightened state.

  • Irina Benedict BSc, PEng Bio

Irina Benedict is a Certified Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention Coach and Business Mastery Graduate.
Her business experience spans over two decades from high tech corporate experience where she developed and grew her department’s business by 600% up to $7M to business coaching for start ups and medium size companies.
She supports entrepreneurs to establish, energize and expand their business. She is the founder of the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy where through coaching curriculum and community, members are supported in all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey.
While highly strategic and focused on achieving business goals Irina also goes deep with clients to heal emotional wounds that keep them stuck.
Working with Irina you can expect to gain clarity, confidence, and ease in growing to your next level in Business. You will become the real boss in your business, have better relationships with people working for you, suppliers and clients. You will feel more fulfilled knowing that you do good for the word and at the same time taking care of you.