Manifesting Abundance Retreat

Manifesting Abundance Retreat

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  • Retreat Details

    » When: August 24 from 2 to 9 pm and August 25 fom 10 am to 6 pm 

    » Location:  Markdale, ON at Free Spirits Wellness Retreat

    » Ticket Includes: all Retreat activities, catered lunch and dinner, Workbook, materials, on line Vision Board course in advance to prepare you for the day, membership site for connection. Overnight accomodations not included, available at nearby motel.

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Dear Free Spirit,

Imagine two days to do all this ... relax, heal, learn, connect with nature and grow your business.

Would you feel a sense of achievement?

If you answered YES, join this magical retreat!

  • At this experiential Retreat you will:

  • Learn a practical manifestation process

  • Create abundance goals for your business

  • Unblock your money making ability, learn to believe in yourself and release fears

  • Ground yourself and your vision through a Labyrinth Walk Sacred Ceremony

  • Enjoy the energy of the group, as we engage in exercises and masterminding

  • Connect and sing around the fire

If you have trouble registering or need more information, please feel welcome to text or call me at 519-416-6149

  • August 24 & 25, 2018 Retreat Agenda

August 24 from 2 pm to 9 pm

Money and the family drama. The role of money. Releasing fears of receiving money, of having money and asking for money. 

Release fear of successLearn how to recognize the fear of success and self-sabotaging patterns that might run in your subconscious mind and how to let go of them.

Share and sing around the bonfire (weather permitting).  This is an opportunity to sit together sharing stories of manifestations, synchronicities and miraculous healings.  We might be drumming, singing and dancing, if the mood is there. This will be relaxing time to bond.  Closing meditation for abundance & joy.

August 25 fom 10 am to 6 pm 

The Manifestation Process First you will be creating a vision aligned with your purpose. Second you will learn the importance of believing in yourself so you can manifest your vision. Third step - you will learn how to be asking the right way so you do manifest the abundance that is rightfully yours. Fourth step - Ground yourself and your manifestation in the middle of the Labyrinth. Visualize your life’s upcoming attractions, manifestations of health, support for your business growth and what your heart most desires. Let yourself be embraced by the healing energy of nature. 

How to Take the Right Actions at the Right Time. This is the fifth step in the manifestation process - learn what you need to commit to and how to stay in the flow of abundance. 

Share your Manifestation with your mastermind group for clarity, accountability and focus. 

Labyrinth Walk Sacred Ceremony

When you leave the retreat, it is my intent and vision that you have:

Strengthened your relationship with yourself, with nature, and with your business

Learned some practical steps you can take to manifest abundance in your life and business.

Created authentic connections with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs and

Received your own valuable insights from the Labyrinth Walk

 Looking forward to be with you!

Free Spirits Wellness Retreat

84 Acres of beautiful land outside Markdale, Ontario

The land will provide the base for the retreat. It will hold you in a loving embrace. It provides trails for walking and freeing your spirit, shade you with trees, and, above all, provide strong grounding energy.

My husband, Marius, and I were delighted to fulfil our dream and buy this space in the spring of 2009. Before it was ours this land has been allowed to grow in its own natural ways, with 25 acres having been planted with white pine. The white pine medicine is creating relationships of peace, peace with the past, peace with other fellow humas, peace with the land.

"As an evergreen, Pine tells us the work of peace is never ending–it is work we must continue in our own lives, in our own communities, in our own families, and in our hearts. When you see a White Pine, stop and enjoy his towering presence and his peaceful energy–and know that he is there to help broker peace in the many different ways we–as people, as a society, and as spiritual beings–need it." The Druid's Garden

We created a ceremonial gathering space around a fire pit from the ruins of the old farmhouse. We also created a Labyrinth as a place for meditation and healing. An outdoor office creates a magical space where you can feel nature embracing you while you work on your own wellbeing. We built our dream off-grid solar passive house - it was a long process and a fulfilling one as Marius built every piece of our place and we are proud of the artizanal characher it has.

We are living on this land in harmony with our dog Blake, big puppy Joy and cat Grace. While here please ignore the dogs, they might be barking but they are only doing their jobs and they are confined to their pens. Be gentle in your thoughts towards them and if their bark is bothering you pay attention to the lesson you might need to learn.

The land has a very serene, clean and grounding energy. The spirit of the land is very loving and embracing. This place is so wonderful and truly been waiting to welcome and receive you. It has been our dream to create this space to support you and, through your joy and your peace, to support the world peace.

Irina Benedict is a Certified Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention Coach and Business Mastery Graduate.
Her business experience spans over two decades from high tech corporate experience where she developed and grew her department’s business by 600% up to $7 million to business coaching for start ups and medium size companies.
She supports entrepreneurs to establish, energize and expand their business. She is the founder of the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy where through coaching curriculum and community, members are supported in all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey.
While highly strategic andfocused on achieving business goals Irina also goes deep with clients to heal emotional wounds that keep them stuck.
Working with Irina you can expect to gain clarity, confidence, and ease in growing to your next level in Business. You will become the real boss in your business, have better relationships with people working for you, suppliers and clients. You will feel more fulfilled knowing that you do good for the word and at the same time taking care of you.