Reinvent Your Business Online Retreat

Reinvent Your Business Online Retreat

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8 Video Modules, introspective questions and exercises on your membership site

Complimentary Ticket to Live Retreat, Prizes, Bonus Videos, Business Set Up Checklist

You will have the opportunity to ask your questions and even get on-on-one coaching during the 2 live Q&A Group Coaching and Healing Calls of 60 minutes with Irina Benedict

  • Module 1 How to Reinvent Yourself and Your Business?

    Exploring what it means to reinvent, why it is needed and then getting a big picture view on how to reinvent yourself and your business.

  • Module 2 Analyze What You Did Last Year, Then Close the Chapter.

    In order to move forward you need to know where you’ve been and where you are now. It’s good to get an inventory of what has worked and what hasn’t then draw on the lessons that would be useful for you for the future. 

  • Module 3 What Is Your Next Level?

    There are various stages in both life and business and each has it's own criteria for success. When we analyse each stage, this is where you identify your next level and how to reach it.  

  • Module 4 What’s in the Way to Your Next Level?

    Reflect and discover the fears you have about your next level, which past failures could prevent your progress, the negative things you tell yourself, and the excuses do you most often use to not take action.

  • Module 5 Be Proud of You

    To make it easier for you to reach your next level, see yourself in a new light, discover more of who you are, and learn to love yourself deeply and to support yourself fully.

  • Module 6 Decision Making CEO - President – Leader

    To reinvent your business you need to make new decisions, revisit your business plan, update your purpose and mission, identify your ideal client and revise your elevator pitch.

  • Module 7 Reinventing Your Marketing and Sales

    This is where we review the areas of business that focus on reaching our customers and making a profit. Then we make new decisions to reach our goals:

    • Marketing and Advertizing - how do you attract your ideal clients, how are you letting people know about your services or products?
    • Sales - how are you converting potential clients into paying customers?

  • Module 8 Reinventing Your Delivery of services and products, Professional Development and Accounting

    • Execution/Production - how are you delivering your service or manufacturing your product? To make decisions on what needs to change, look at every stream of income from the perspective how much money it brings, how much time o your time it uses, and how much joy you have while delivering the service or product.
    • Professional Development - what do you need in terms of mentorship, internship, qualifications and certificates? Establish a budget for next year.
    • Accounting - how are you handling invoices, payments, keeping track of income and expenses.


    3 Video Hot Seat Sessions to help you identify some of your blocks and fears and release them.


    A complete 21 points to help you on your journey to setting your business the loving way.