Vision Board Course

Vision Board Course

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Are you dreaming of achieving extraordinary results but don't know how?

Do you just wish it was easier to achieve your goals?


If you answer YES, then this is for you. 

Invest as little as 6 hours and I will teach you exactly


This is what we are going to cover:

  • Real life examples to demonstrate the magic behind the Vision Board. I will give you access to explore my private vision boards as examples for you.

  • My secrets to the important elements of a Vision Board so this tool DOES THE WORK FOR YOU even when you don’t consciously focus on it.

  • How Vision Boards really work, the psychology behind the Magic.

  • What you need to know before setting your goals so you are not getting overwhelmed.

  • Specific goal setting guidelines to give you a balanced and peaceful life.

  • How to discover what is REALLY important to you so that you design your life in a way that works for you.

  • What to prepare before creating your Vision Board.

  • Vision Board types for you to select a style that appeals to you the most.

The benefit: You will achieve more with less effort!

All you have to do is Register and invest 6 hours of your time, follow my lead and create your Vision Board - a Powerful Tool to Skyrocket Your Life and Business.

  • 24/7 access to your private membership site where you can download the 17 pages Workbook with introspective questions to prepare you for the creative part, next watch the 46 minutes ste-by-step Video instructions then get your materials and create your future. It is easy.

  • Bonus Q&A and Coaching Call recording with answers to questions about Vision Boards and how to use them for maximum efficiency.

  • Participation in Entrepreneur Enightenment closed FaceBook Group for accountability, motivation and support. There you will see pictures of other people's finished Vision Board and ask questions.

  • As an added bonus, you'll get video content with strategies and insights to help you get more clarity, more confidence and more ease in fulfilling your purpose.

  • Within a couple of months of completing this course you will be invited to a live Q&A about Vision Boards and how to achieve your dreams with ease, how to manifest abundance.

A Note from Irina:

Hello kindred soul,

I have been passionately following my dreams all of my life sometimes being the only one that believed they could be achieved. I know you too can achieve more, faster, and easier if you apply the same strategies. 

Here are some of my achievements working with Vision Boards:

Completed an engineering university degree and got a very good engineering job right after graduation while my female colleagues were accepting secretarial jobs.

Immigrated to Canada all by myself and obtained a very good job in a high tech industry. Became a recognized expert in my field during my 18 years in corporate, advancing from junior engineer to engineering manager in less than 8 years. Picture: Receiving The President Award for Leadership.

Sold our home in the city and moved to the country where we purchased 84 acres of beautiful land and built our dream home – an off-grid solar passive house. Here we created a sacred space with a labyrinth and trails where clients are invited for business management days, workshops, and spiritual retreats in nature.

Met my idol Anthony Robbins and walked across a bed of hot coals, now calling myself a fire walker. I then got certified by him and his partner Cloe Madanes as Strategic Interventionist as well as Marriage Educator and Divorce Prevention. A few years later I attended his event Date With Destiny where after 100 hours of intense learning I got to a new level of commitment to my purpose and then the Business Mastery event. 

Established my own successful Coaching business, a dream I had since University and helped many of my clients follow their purpose and their dreams.

Told my life's story on the Roxy Theater stage in Owen Sound and been speaking on other stages too. Picture: sharing my business success story on the Mindset Retreat stage in Florida.

I published a book Entrepreneur Enligntement with Balboa Press, I hosted a Radio show and I am hosting a TV show. Here is the Vision Board I created to make my publishiung dream real.

What is a Vision Board?

Goal Setting Strategies

What Past Clients Say