Client Testimonials

“Before attending the private VIP session with Irina I felt scattered, anxious, unsure about how it would unfold or how it would help me.  The whole process of transitioning into my purpose felt foreign to me because I have been trying to do this for many years and have spent the majority of those years feeling conflicted and pulled in many directions.  This has taken a toll on my self confidence and self esteem.  

After one private VIP session with Irina, I feel more centered, grounded and less scattered.  There is a well of calm that I have been able to access inside of me.  This has helped me focus.  My mind is clearer on what I need to do next to transition into my purpose.

Irina brings a lot of credibility not only personally and professionally but in the way she interacts with you.  I felt very comfortable and at ease in her presence.  She creates a calm and safe environment with which to share.  She is clear and concise in her statements and in her advice.  Irina not only provides coaching she is also an energy healer.  I received some powerful Rainbow Energy Healing during our session which helped me release some energetic blocks and I am feeling so much relief and ease now.” 

Amanda N. Sukhdeo

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