Retreats for connection, learning, and healing

These retreats are included for the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy member and they are also open to the public.

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Retreat Aug 24 & 25, 2018

Manifesting Abundance  * In person at our place in Markdale ON - August 24 & 25 Friday from 2 to 9 pm and Saturday from 10 to 5 pm.

During this Retreat we let go of the fear of success and learn about the manifestation process. First you will be creating a vision aligned with your purpose. Second you will learn the importance of believing in yourself so you can manifest your vision. Third you will learn how to be asking the right way so you do manifest the abundance that is rightfully yours. Then we will ground your vision with the energy of the land and the labyrinth (this event is outdoors at our 84 acres land and home in Markdale, Ontario). Later we will work on how to take the right actions at the right time. You will be deciding what you need to commit to so you stay in the flow of abundance.

Retreat Nov 24 & 25, 2018

Reinventing Yourself and Your Business  * In person – location TBD somewhere in Ontario could be Collingwood/ Blue Mountain or Oakville - November 24 & 25 Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm and Sunday 25 from 10 to 5 pm

Just before the new year we look at what has been good and what has been accomplished for the year that is ending and close the chapter. Then we look ahead at the year to come and what’s in the way of your next level.  We’ll be looking at fears, obstacles, past hurts, excuses. We will participate in a Sacred Angel Walk Ceremony for forgiveness and self-love. Next we will define our next stage of life and criteria for success. You will set a new vision for your life.  In order to go to the next level in our business we need to grow ourselves to the next level. You will make new decisions about the person you are about to become. The second part you will set up a new vision for your Business, and define new goals for every area of your business. You will be guided to create a supportive schedule, actions and rituals to achieve your goals. At the end of this retreat you will present your reinvented business and get feedback from your group.

Retreat May 2019

Becoming Truly Free - This retreat is based on Irina's upcoming book and what she discovered on her journey from pain to purpose. She will guide you on your own journey to free yourself from the past.  We are held back by some self-sabotaging patterns we inherited from parents and society, for us to thrive we need to free ourselves. First you will be guided to let go of the need to prove yourself because you are enough. Second you will be investigating past pain, grieve it and release it with a Heart Healing Ceremony. Third you will be letting go of the responsibilities that are not yours and regain your joy and innocence. Forth step will be about letting go of fears and learn how to protect yourself so you feel safe. Lastly you will let go of the struggle and confusion.  At the end you will feel free to move forward with much more confidence and empowerment.

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