Business Management Strategies VIP Intensive

Those are exclusively for the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy members and are held in a small group. You work on your business, with Irina’s help. You will be guided through a process providing you with the necessary tools. You will receive comprehensive preparation work to enable to you achieve a lot in a short period of time.

Business Management - Strategic Planning: We start with a Gap Analysis, identifying the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in a year from now and you will set 3 goals for your business. Then we work on understanding how to use your strengths to grow your business and to add more value to your clients which will make you more money. The next step is very important in aligning your business with your purpose and who you are, we will clarify your uniqueness using The Triple Talent Strategy TM that I developed. We will end the day with creating a Strategic Plan with actions to support you accomplish your goals with ease.

Business Management – Packages and Prices: First you will be learning how to run your business like top corporate managers not like a hobby as most entrepreneurs do. Then you will craft your elevator speech. Next we will work on setting up your schedule to give you maximum efficiency and allow you sufficient time for marketing and sales. Then we will go through strategies and you will be defining your packages and setting your prices right so you feel comfortable and your potential clients can easily see the value you are offering.

Business Management – Team Building: We start with you experiencing how to use your body and your connection with spirit to make business decisions. Then based on a personality test results we will identify what team members you need. We will discuss how can you use Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances to grow your business. We will close with working on your Networking strategies. 

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